Sunday, June 21, 2009

I have his smile, too.

Not really sure about the 'clever' part. But gotta admit, I am who I am because of that guy with the beard and glasses. Need to add one more thing though. Songkok. Hehe now that's perfect.

Dear Papa,

I look up to you so much that I sometimes wish I could be exactly like you. Well, I did get that 'glasses' part hehe. There's too much that you've accomplished in life that has made you a great man. But its the little things that you do, like buy us clams and force us to eat them because you love them so much that you must share them with us although we've told you a thousand times that we think it tastes like rubber, that makes us really grateful to be your kiddos. ;)

Happy Father's Day, Papa. I love you.

(Don't you just love that card? Can't remember where I found it though. Found it like last year and saved it especially for Father's Day.)



    Whoa! Happy Hari Ayah too!
    My dad is my ultimate bank! Hehehe!

  2. happy father's day too papa! :)

  3. this is so sweeet! i esp love the card! my pa doesnt grow a beard tho, just a moustache. mayb there's a card like that somewhere. happy papa day! :)

  4. Moja: Ultimate bank eh? Hehehe. We should be very worthy investments then, shouldnt we? ;)

    Tedy: Yupp! :D

    Nashrah: Kan? The card is brilliant. You could always use the idea and create your own, nashrah. It would be much more special hehe.

  5. eh, lala rasa mcm getah? sedap laaa.. ada plak mcm getah... hehehe

    i always find it difficult to open my mouth and say "happy fathers day abah"...i dont know what's my problm... n u knw wat?
    i started to wish him since 2 years ago kot... hm... tu pn ala2 awkward gitu.. haha.. ntah apa2.. bad firdaous!

  6. happy fathers' day!
    cool blog..
    imma follow.. hehehe..

  7. hehehe :) love d card :D
    i want to write about my father as well tp x sehat tyme tue, so mood pun hlg ;)

    but tulis or not, my love for him will never fade :)