Thursday, June 11, 2009

Only ONE tear came out

Congratulations dudettes! You guys totally deserve it. Too bad I can't join you guys for the dinner. Takpelah, kita main tukar-tukar pulaklah kan? Kali ni korang pulak tapau makanan lebih untuk aku hahaha. :p

I'm actually surprised that I'm handling all this quite nicely. Guess the "be prepared for the worst" chanting that I had for the whole day actually worked. And my study week was really well spent. I went back to Penang TWICE and had a nice vacation with my family at Terengganu just before the PTE paper. So yea, I'm blaming myself. :p

Alaa it's not really the end of the world kan? There's always next sem. I'm just grateful that I didn't have to repeat Korea. :)

Congratulations also to the other many hardworking people out there. You guys rock!


  1. don't be sad, dear!
    i know this will motivate u to work harder nxt sem kan?
    best wishes to my dear friend miss azie :)

  2. yes theres always next sem :) we work harder nnt ok? whee :D

  3. haishhh..ape ni gilir2...hikhik...meh2 azie...dinner ngan k.dib kat umah sem korg g la diner same2 pulak...insyaAllah...

  4. i totally know how u feel.and i keep blaming soo dissapointed with myself:(

    takpe lah.maybe this will motivate us for next sem

  5. Wanie, Tedy and Nashrah: Yupp, I will InsyaAllah. Congratulations to all 3 of you! :)

    Kak Dib: K. Dib, kita dinner tunggu diorang bawak balik makanan k? Hahahahaha.

    Aina: Yupp, me too. My dissappointment didnt last long tho haha. There's always a brighter side to everything kan Aina? :)

  6. I feel disappointed with myself, too. So much hope on luck, and now it really decided to turn against me. But I really deserved it, afterall. Next sem will do great, right Azie?

    Ps. Envying you on Lit in ESL's class performance, still.

  7. DL is a far thingy for me....sabar too SUCKS! badly!!! isk3...

  8. Ibrahim: Its kinda ok to be disappointed. But only if we learn from it kan? So its okkk, we'll do better next sem. Lets just accept this sem as our cuti rehat :p

    ps: Heyy, you werent bad yourself :)

    Fahim: Yupp, sabaq2. Allah uji sikit ja ni. :)