Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Si Tuah

That's my not so little brother, Aiman. Guess I haven't really introduced him to you guys have I? Well, Aiman.. Meet my blogger friends. Blogger friends.. This is Aiman. (And if this really did happened in real life, most probably he would just say, "Hmm.. Hi" because unlike me, he's not really a chatter box to strangers.)

Aiman is 18 today. And I still havent wished him. Simply because I'm a good sister hehehe. Well actually because we're planning a surprise for him later this evening. Hope he'll be surprised.


Hidup ni kalau tak dapat keredhaan Allah, takdak gunanya. Kaklang rasa Aiman lebih tau tu dari Kaklang kan? So, jadilah insan yang berguna. And please, stay away from girls. They are dangerous.

Happy 18th Birthday, budak! May Allah bless you always.

(Aiman'll kill me if he found out that I put that second photo of him. So maybe if later, that photo is no longer here, you guys would understand that I was given a choice to be given a Pedigree or just delete that photo. In the meanwhile, please enjoy it while you can.)


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  2. happy birthday, aiman!
    be as good as ur sis! ;)

  3. "And please, stay away from girls. They are dangerous"

    Oh aiman. Girls are fun to be experimented with. But they can be such pain in the ass, dude! The best way is to stay (not too far) away from them! Mwahahaha!

    Be like your sister!
    Be good!
    and Selamat Hari Birthday!

    Oh, I wish I was 18 again!

  4. Wanie: Why thank you, Wanie. I accept that as a compliment :))

    Moja: Experimented with eh? Wish could do the same with guys. :p
    Aimaaan, see?? Dah dua orang cakap, "be good like your sis," So lepas ni, what I do, you do! Hahahaha. Thanks Moja, thats sweet. :)
    I wish I could be 18 and stay there ;)

  5. hepi birthday aiman. semoga panjang umo, dan panjang akal.

    girls are dangerous. kalo tak caya kat akak, caye la kat abg yg kene reject bertalu talu ni....

    mula2 tak best weh.... tapi lama2 mmg best bila kenang balik kene reject. lol.

    oh wow. I sound like a 1000 year old man.

  6. haha..
    jgn ajar aiman bende tak elok..korg ni..

    azie, asl aiman senyum takmo tnjk gigi?
    pki braces ea?

  7. pergh!
    selamber!!!! letak gambar adik xpakai baju!! mean sister! mntg2la xaurat... haha..
    mmg hg kena pedigree klw dia tau nih... hahahh!
    nanti aku report kt dia.. hoho..
    Nway hepy birthday aiman!

  8. pana....aku ajar ape weh...??

  9. Safwan: Hehehe maybe one day I'll let Aiman meet you. You give such great advice. ;)

    Pana: Takpe Pana, nasihat diorang cam ok gaklaa haha. Aiman senyum tak nampak gigi? Ha ah kan? Hmm, coincidence je ni. Dia tak pakai braces hehe. Gigi dia cantik, unlike kakak dia. :D

    Firdaous: Nak report? Pi la kalau berani. Hahahaha.

  10. happy bday azie's lil bro.stay away from grls,they're dangerous?hahhahahhahahhahhahaha.we sure are!

  11. just noticed,

    u watch wrestling??


  12. safwan, she involves in wrestling....

    she's well trained in all those finisher stunts..pedigree, stone cold stunner, undertaker tombstone,choke slam... sume tuh beliau tak heran... makanan sejak kecil je tuh... so, never mess with her!

    pssst: diam2.. jgn bgtw azie....