Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Thought so

Hehehehehehe Adam has a crush on Kris. Surprise.. Surprise.. Well, perhaps not. :)

Read here for the story.


  1. I KNEW IT!

    i knew there's something fishy about him.

  2. Safwan: Yeaa, I guess I saw that coming Haha.

    Romzi: Hehe tak paham? Have you followed the link?

  3. ak pon same mcm safwan..
    cume tak yakin jek

  4. hahaha klakar je. i think kan Adam would be soo handsome if he'd wipe off all the makeup. sighhh.

  5. I knew adam was gay coz dressing dia lebih kurang sama dgn Sofia nevarra freidrich Dumbledore, distant cousin of Albus dumbledore also known as Sofia.

    u know who she is kan? hehehe


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  6. Nashrah: Kan? Hahahaha lawak2. And YES, I actually think Adam is very handsome! Lagi2 when he wore the suit and all. Aaaa cair. :p

    Safwan: Hahahahaha I think I remember Sofia. And I thought he was just being a cool rocker. Haha!

  7. Eh tak perasan comment Pana.

    Pana: Hehehehe tulaa, sekarang baru yakin :p