Thursday, July 9, 2009

My first Haiku

So she sat there.
Eyes searching-
full of hope.

Been looking forward for Creative Writing since Part 1! So please Azie, don't let yourself down.


  1. woahhh.

    tedy tak reti writing!!!!!!!!

    uwaaaa. nightmare. broken grammar n bla bla..

  2. Literature and Media kills my passion for writing and literature

  3. Tedy: Tak reti doesnt mean that it wont be fun! :D Thats why we're learning it kan? Nak bagi reti hehehe. ;)

    Romzi: Ohh, hmmmm. I know what you mean. But somehow that slap across my face is kinda making me more determined than ever this sem. Hope the same for you too. :) And besides, literature is so much fun that nothing can make me stop loving it. :)