Wednesday, July 22, 2009

See you there!

(that's where the idea of Getting to Know You came from hehe)

Ethos! Society proudly invites all TESL students to a welcoming activity called "Getting To Know You". This is a gathering activity meant to strengthen the unity between the TESL community and students of each semester and also to welcome all the new TESL students from these 3 groups:

1) Asasians Part One
2) B.Ed TESLians Part One
3) B.Ed Link Part Three

It is a one day activity packed with outdoor games meant to break the ice! No fuss, no fee, it's free!

Not only will you get to know your peers, but there'll also be lots of exciting prizes just waiting to be grabbed!

A fun day in the sun with free food and fun activities! What more can you ask for?

So mark your calendars on Saturday, 25th of July, at 8.30a.m and get yourself right over! Excitement awaits! :)

I have no idea why the colour of the poster changed when uploaded here. And.. I can't wait! Channel V, Nescafe, Junk, etc will be sponsoring. Aren't you guys just excited? :D


  1. ha ah la azie..tetibe kaler die kaler tukois dan merah..