Monday, November 30, 2009

Blue Like You

Last night;

Aiman: Orang salu tanya Aiman, "Duk Penang ni, anak mami ka?" Aiman jawap, "Daklaa. Saya anak soleh."

Hehehehe Bangah and me cracked at this.
It has been 4 years here in Penang. (Going to be 5 next June. How time flies.) And the view on Penang Bridge has never failed to take my breath away. Simply beautiful. Subahanallah.

Hope you guys have been enjoying your hols. :)


  1. I am SOOOOO gonna miss Penang once I move to Selangor....sedihnya nak tggl pulau mutiara ni. Happy hols Azie!

    p/s: baguih btoi fikir Aiman ni. hahaha

  2. You're moving to Selangor? Firdaous said KL. But there must be a hikmah kan? Sometimes changes are good. But hey, you'd always be welcome to visit Penang. :)
    Happy hols to u too, Sheikh.

    p/s: hehe tulaa.Amin jelaa.