Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Burger Queen

Had some meat from all the korban sedekah. So decided to cook something different for a change; homemade burger. I've seen Mama made it but I've never made it myself. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. So perhaps if your freezer is loaded with meat too, you could give it a try yourself. :)

Here's the recipe: (I don't know the exact measurement because I kinda like just added everything up. But here's the approximate measurement ok? Hehe. )

About a medium-sized bowl of ground beef
1 onion. (sliced)
2 slices of garlic. (sliced)
Some black pepper.
Some salt and sugar.
Some Italian seasoning.
About 2tbs of Worcestershire sauce.
About 5tbs of breadcrumbs.
1 egg. (whisked)

Mix all of them up. Preferably the meat with the dry ingredients first. And then add up the egg and the Worcestershire sauce. Shape them into patties with your hands. Then you cook it! I grilled it. You could also fry it if you want. Add those other extras like veggies, mayo, cheese and such to add the flavour. Oh, and I also spread some garlic butter on the buns and just lightly cooked it for awhile. You'd love the aroma. :)

Mix everything up.

Shape it into cute lil patties.

..and voila! Bon appetit!

As you can see, mine was pretty plain. Didn't have cheese and I'm not a big fan of veggies. But still, it was yummy. Happy trying! Dan jangan lupa baca doa makan. ;)


  1. kirim satu..nak amek sem depan nanti! :P

  2. I'm gonna force my sister to make some. Ah the benefits of being the 1st born son. XD

  3. Azim: takleh. nak rasa kena mai penang. hehehe ;)

    Sheikh: Hahaha are all 1st borns like this? Btw, tell her its very easy and good luck! :)

  4. OMG. They look tantalizing, and healthy!

  5. hah!!
    bleh aku try nii...
    aku rasa boleh celen jamie oliver niihh..hehehe

  6. Ibrahim: I try to make it healthy. I take out the fat and I use vegetable oil. Compared to the normal frozen burgers, we're not really sure what they put in the patties kan? Fat and all the muscles and such. Homemade ones are just totally made of the meat. :)

    Jetli: Sila2, senang jaa. Nanti bleh panggil aku rasa. Kalah tak Jamie. haha