Sunday, December 6, 2009


Went to Terengganu last month with Syiqin for Kak Amal's (my lovely housemate) brother's walimatul urus. Stayed at Kak Dib's ( my also lovely housemate) in Kuala Terengganu. But it rained so badly the next day that the roads heading to Besut, which is where the kenduri was, were closed. And that very night, Kak Dib's house was also flooded. See how Allah works? Me and Syiqin came to Terengganu to experience the flood and be happy helpers for Kak Dib's family. For their great hospitality, it was the least we could do actually. :)

But it was a new experience for me. Being in a place where it rained the whoooole day that it made you want to sleep allll day. I didn't really realize how sunny Penang was until I arrived there the next morning and was able to see the sun. We couldn't see the sun in Terengganu. So yea, that was new.

Thanks Kak Dib and family for the great food. We sure had our tummies full. And for being so nice. :)

And Selamat Pengantin Baru Kimi and Ani. Moga bahagia ke akhir hayat. Kak Amal, we're sorry we couldn't come. We'll come to yours nanti k? ;)


  1. The chickens, and keropok lekor look so delicious! Am craving for 'em all. Reading your entry reminds me of my trip to Nik M. Amin house. They're so nice, and his mom is a good cook. The nasi dagang, daging panggang, ayam madu etc. are home-made and low in cholestrol -- yet taste like HEAVENS!

    Well, if people think Pantai Timur & Barat can't be friends, we have proven them wrong. Very.

  2. huhuhuhu~

    if ted ade kt ganu, we cud meet up !


  3. azie!!!!!!!!!!!
    kita merancang,tuhan menentukan.
    sukalah awak semua boleh main banjir eh??

    rite,,it's fine.nnt kenduri amalina,semua datang k,,INSYAALLAH,,:)


  4. Ibrahim: Yupp, the food always becomes the best part kan? :)
    I totally agree! There's never a border to being friends.

    Tedy: Ohh, tapi banjir Tedy. Nak kuar jalan2 pun takleh sangat. Hehee.

    Kak Amal: Betul2. Suka? Hmm, bolehlaa. Hehe.