Friday, December 11, 2009


Case 1

Once, I saw this huge baju kelawar hanging in this shop. It was HUGE but most importantly was the length. It was loooong. Long baju kelawars are actually hard to find. Most of those that I own would be hanging a few inches from my feet. I knew that being in that baju kelawar would make me feel so comfortable. So I bought it straight away.

So there I was wearing that special baju kelawar that night. Indeed, it made me feel like I was wearing a blanket. So comfy. I loved it. I could wear it everyday. Then suddenly Mama told me that we were going to have some guests tomorrow. So, Azie/Bibik had to start working. And when I washed the dishes, I struggled to not let the huge flowy sleeves from being an extra dish washing cloth and getting soaked wet. And when I vacuumed the floor, I struggled to not let the very long baju that trailed along the floor to get sucked in the vacuum. And when my hands were trying to reach the ceiling to clean the cobwebs, the baju being so huge kept covering my face thus making me hard to see.

Case 2

I have a sink in a small part of my room. Not in the bathroom. But in my room. Yea, I know. Sounds weird. But I love that sink. I don't need to go inside the bathroom to brush my teeth or wash my face. But one day, the pipe kinda broke. And water was spilling out in my room. Remember, the sink is not in the bathroom. So the rugs in my room got wet. And I was so angry for the sink being in my room. I placed a pail where it leaked but the water was dripping so fast that it would spill every hour or so if I forgot to empty the pail. And when it did, I had to keep mopping the floor or the whole room would get wet. It was really tiring. But when the plumber came and fixed the problem and when everything was settled, I found out that my floor was squeaky clean. Actually they were shining.

Case 3

I needed to find a kain of one of my baju kurung that I haven't worn for quite some time. But as my eyes searched for it in my closet, of course it wouldn't be there. And as usual, I would say, "kalau nak guna tu, memang takdak," It's always like that. Knowing that a visual search didn't work, I knew that I had to use a hands-on method. So there I was, taking everything out from the closet to find that one kain. And to my surprise, I discovered some other things in there. A piece of paper from my diary that I guess I tried to get rid off once but was still in there. Reading it made me laugh. And a bag! I found a bag that I haven't used since I was in Form 2. I've forgotten about it. But it's so nice finding it again. I found some other interesting objects that were once a part of me. And of course, right at the bottom of all those pile of things, there it was- the kain. And my closet was just so neat afterwards that it looked like it came straight from a home designing magazine.

So what's my point here? That I'm an unorganized person who likes to wear baju kelawar day and night? Well, yeah, maybe that too. But what I really want to say is that, things happen for a reason. Hikmah. We, Muslims use that word a lot. And we should. "Ada la hikmahnya tu.." But not as an excuse but because we believe that Allah has His own way of showing or telling us things.

Some even believe that even accidents are not accidents. Yes, it was an accident but it wasn't intended to be. There's always something unaccident about it, something really certain. Something that's meant to be. We may think one thing is best for us, (like the baju kelawar) but it finally turns out to be the worst. And vice versa. We just never know.

So whatever it is that I'm going through- be it huge or simple matters, I just always have faith in hikmah from Allah. Allah knows best because He is the best of the best. We try our best and we pray that He'll give us the best but when things don't go our way, hey, it's not the end of the world. Learn from it and move on. :)

“Boleh jadi kamu membenci sesuatu, padahal ia amat baik bagimu, dan boleh jadi (pula) kamu menyukai sesuatu, padahal ia amat buruk bagimu; Allah mengetahui, sedang kamu tidak mengetahui.” -Surah Al-Baqarah(2) ayat 216.


  1. somehow..ur writing reminds me of cecelia ahern :p hehe..keep writing azie, maybe one day azie bleh publish international novel(s) kot? :D

  2. *likes this entry*

    when i was involved in small accident last May, i cant stop blaming myself for causing terrible scar at my bestfriend's face...because i was on her when she landed on her face plus the fact that i was 18lbs heavier that i decided to loose weight and alhamdulillah, since the incident, kitorg satu geng jd sgt rapat
    walaupun masing2 jauh :)

  3. Kak Nad: Cecelia?? I love her! That's a huge compliment! :D Oh, I dont think I'd be that good but amin amin amin to your words hehe. Thanks Kak Nad :)

    Wanie: Thanks for liking (hehe ni pengaruh fb ni)
    Alhamdulillah, even a bad thing like an accident could turn out to be a good thing kan? And wanie, you look so fit and healthy now! I'm jealous!

  4. This is masterpiece, Azie!
    I just love it!
    This is so very true and a good reminder, too!
    Particularly to a person like me who too often questions things.
    Why this way and not that way? Why me?
    Why? Why? Why?

    Until I forget that everything happens for a reason for He is the All-Knowing.
    I keep questioning until I forget the most important thing: to accept thing the way it is and start loving my flaws -- instead of dreading them.

    Oh my!
    I've written a little too much here!
    Need to stop! :)

  5. Aziz: Dont worry Aziz, you're not the only one. Humans are just plain forgetful and thats why we need A LOT of remembering. I'm glad that I could share the reminder. Alhamdulillah :)

    Written too much? Nothing's 'too much' in Crumbs of Me hehe. Thanks Aziz :)

  6. so true. like the dried guava i love to have every study hour. sgt sdp and i think kinda mind-alerting. but as it has citric acid coating, so made my teeth gritty. :P hehe okay, not a big issue, but still. hehehehe

  7. i see u like desiretoinspire too. that was like my mind-soothing website. fantastic interiors. :)

  8. Iliana: Really? The guavas actually made ur teeth gritty? Woah, I have a friend who likes to snack on that as well. I better tell her. But its so sedap kan? Oh well, tulaa. Not everything sedap is good for us. ;)
    And yes, it has such amazing photos. Inspiring as well!

  9. i love this.



    kdg2, Allah nampakkn kpd mereka yg berhak. dan kadang2, allah lambat membuka hijab utk mereka.


  10. azie: thank you. fira selalu cam tu.. bila nak cri smething mesti jumpa benda lain yg da lama cri.. hehe!

  11. Tedy: Tepat sekali tedy. Semuanya ada sebab. :)

    Firra! Hi! Dah ada blog! Ok pehni truih nak pi tengok! Hee. Yupp2, cari barang dalam handbag pun camtu gak kan? :P