Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Killer Smile

It has been awhile since I followed any Korean dramas. But the commercial for Iris kinda captivated my interest. So I tuned in to give it a try and ever since, every Wednesday and Thursday at 9pm I wouldn't move anywhere, threaten anyone who dares to change the channel and just sit in front of the TV with my heart beat racing.
The show's amazing! Action and romance. Perfect. Syiqin knows which part I love most that I will practice in the future. (hehehe)
Wish I could download it somewhere and finish watching it in a single day but then, where's the thrill kan? Takpalah, boleh sabaq lagi ni. :P

Korean drama fans, I totally recommend Iris if you're looking for something different to watch. (in the Korean drama league I mean).

아이리스! 너무 좋아요!

Iris, every Wednesday and Thursday at 9pm, channel KBS World 303.


  1. its a new top series in Korea now. I didnt watch the early episodes so I kinda decided not to watch it. But the teaser of this soap opera is surely an eye candy :p

  2. Hi there Syam. :)
    ..oh but you should because its so good! ;P

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