Friday, January 22, 2010

Where the heart is

I miss waking the Anuaruls up for subuh.
I miss cooking and getting everything ready on the table by the time they come back from the masjid.
I miss sitting together and read the ta'lim.
But most of all,

I miss the people in that house.


3 more weeks ! Oh, cepatlah berlalu!


  1. hang on tight cik azie,
    3 weeks x lama :)

  2. I miss the chicken chop I had at ur house. Yummy! Compliments to the cook. XD

  3. Wanie: Yupp! Hanging in here! Busy ngan assignments tak terasa sangat, insyaAllah. :)

    Sheikh: Hehehe, insyaAllah ada rezeki boleh mai makan lagi. :)

  4. I could feel tranquilitiy even by seeing the photo.

    Ps. U ne anak datuk ke? mcm mansion je rumah tu tau. besar.

  5. 3rdMarch: yess, thats my Mus :)

    Ibrahim: It is very peaceful there. I bet all our homes give us that sense of tranquility kan? :)
    P/s: not at all Ibrahim. :)