Sunday, February 28, 2010

For you, you and you.

Why, hello there. Yess, Crumbs of Me is apparently still alive. Been visiting my friends' blog and only noticed how long I havent posted anything when I see those blog updates at the sides. It says I havent updated for 5 weeks! Wow, it has been awhile, hasnt it?

So, for an update I shall post something that I have been meaning to do almost a month ago but havent really had the time, I guess. (Am I really that busy??)

During these past few weeks, there has been birthdays of some of the most important people in my life. So this post will be for them. :)

19th January 2010

Eversince we clicked 9 years ago, I just could not stop loving this girl. I mean, look at that smile. How could you not be melted? Muslihah Zainon, you're such a nice person inside and out. You're the best friend anyone could ever have. And although I havent always been there for you, you have always, always, been there for me. I miss you tremendously and can't wait for our next date. I love you, Darling. And I always will. Happy 22nd Birthday, sahabatku dunia akhirat.

15th February 2010

Diana was my first TESL friend way back in Malacca. And one of the earliest questions that she asked me was, "SPM dapat berapa A?" hahahaha funnyla Diana ni. Diana, queueing behind you wasnt a coincidence, we were destined to be friends and I have to say, I'm proud to be your friend. Happy 21st Birthday, Diana. (syokla tu umur kita sama sekarang hehe). Oh, and jangan lupa baca that vampire book we bought you! ;)

21st February 2010

And recently, was my beautiful Mama's birthday. Papa sempat beli kek sebelum anak-anaknya pulang ke sekolah masing2. How sweet. And look at the length of Papa's speech on the cake hehe sangat comel. Mama, I love youuuuuuu. You're the coolest Mama ever. You're such an amazing person, so patient, so tolerant, and just simply a wonderful mother. You're my No. 1 supporter and I know that if it wasnt because of you, there's too much that I would miss in life. Nothing in this world would be enough to make up for all that you've done for our family. I promise, I'd always be your No.1 fan. (okay, maybe No.2 because Papa's No.1).
Happy 49th Birthday, Mama yang sangatku cintai.

Moga kalian semua sentiasa dirahmati Allah swt dan berjaya dunia akhirat. Amiin.


  1. I hope Adik will adore me as much as you do your mum...and i wish I'll be as beautiful as your mum when I reach 49!!

  2. Kak Nor: I'm pretty sure Adik already has and will always be. :) Btw, happy 11th birthday to her and tell her I'm impressed. Really impressed. I wonder where all that determination comes from. ;) (from her Abah and Ummi ofcourse! hehee)
    ..and thats the magical thing about mothers. They'll always be beautiful. Always. :)

  3. salam..happy birthday m.ndak...semoga sentiasa di rahmati..amin..

  4. Amiiin. Terima kasih kak piah. :)