Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Best Part

You know how they say, "I'm a _________(any body part that you love most) person"? It's like when they look at someone, it's that one part that attracts them the most.

Well, I think I'm a smile person. I love looking at people smile. I love the transformation of the mouth- the widening of the lips and the appearance of the teeth. It's like there's this infective feeling of fulfillment, of contempt that makes me bedazzled. And I mean that literally. Sometimes when someone smiles so perfectly it just makes me stop thinking for awhile. I'd just look at that smile and not breathe. How does that happen actually? Beats me. Around me there's so much perfect smiles that reminds me that life is just too beautiful to be given a frown in return.

But I forget to smile sometimes, when I feel like I just want to mind my own business and not have to bump into anyone, I imagine being the only human being alive and everyone else is just invisible. Just me. So no need to smile. But life's not like that. I'm not alone. And I'll never be alone.

A perfect smile for me is all about its imperfection. It kinda reminds me that hey, (s)he's just human. I love how someone could smile so wholeheartedly and so sincerely that you could almost see how his/her heart is screaming, "You make me happy."

And to top all this, to just realize, how beautiful Islam is, that giving a smile is considered as charity. Oh, how I love Islam.

:) :) :)


  1. i love this post a lot :) and i love to smile a lot too :D mayb that's why i love this post :) i hope im making some sense here. he he he

  2. Nashrah: You make total sense, Nashrah. And you're one of those people who smile innocently yet immediately makes people feel at ease. :)