Saturday, June 26, 2010

Teacher Update #1

So here it goes:

  1. Out on the road by 6.15 am.
  2. Been given Relief classes during ROS. Lots of them.
  3. Have entered classes that will be teaching.
  4. Will be teaching one class of Form 1 and one class of Form 4.
  5. Have done ice-breaking.
  6. The ice broke well. I like my students. A lot.
  7. They used to read storybooks when I think they're not looking. English ones. Thick, English ones.
  8. When I tell them, "You can ask me anything you want." One of them said, "Teacher, you mean, like 'how many stars are there in the sky?"
  9. They LOVE vampires. Oh and werewolves too.
  10. I asked them "how do you differentiate between those two?" Their answers included, "werewolves have hair in their insides."
  11. I love calling out their names. They have very nice names.
  12. I love how they look at me.
  13. I love how naughty they are.
  14. I love how curious they are.
  15. I love how easily excited (get noisy) they are.
  16. I love how brilliant they are.
  17. I get excited every morning to meet them.
  18. They make me forget how tired I am.
  19. They inspire me by being such interesting individuals.
  20. They remind me why I wanted so bad to do TESL.
  21. They remind me why I wanted so bad to be a teacher. Yes, a teacher. :)

How are you fellow teachers doing? Having as much fun as me, I hope. :) Anyways, hope it's not too late to wish all of you GOOD LUCK! :D

Sunday, June 20, 2010


You know why I love my mama so much?
Because she makes me the best things. Like this;

The cutest bag ever. It's specially made for the becoming Teacher Azie. :)

And you wanna know another reason why I could never stop loving her?
It's because she married this awesome man;

My Papa. He completes her.

Thank you, Mama.
Happy Father's Day, Papa.
My love for you will never fade. It only gets bigger.