Friday, July 2, 2010

Teacher Update #2

  1. I remember the smiles.
  2. I remember the shoutings of "TEACHER!" accompanied with a huge grin across the corridor.
  3. I remember the wide eyes full of excitement.
  4. I remember the gaping of awe.
  5. I remember the shy "thank yous" as a result of never being acknowledged.
  6. I remember the pink blush when been given a loud applause.
..and the pain of dealing with very (and I do mean very) unpleasant mannered children during Relief classes start to fade away.

I sympathize, I empathize. Little innocent children like that should not own that much hate. Should not own that much rebel. Where do all the anger come from? I want to help. But they don't let me in. Little, little innocent souls. Why? Why are they like this? Little innocent souls shouldn't be like this. They should embrace life. Be happy, have fun, smile, laugh. Not fight, argue, smash things in front of my face to show how much hatred they have for teachers like me. Teachers who want to help. Why? Little innocent children, you're going to be the future generation. The leaders of my children. Why? ;(

Am trying to stay positive. Hope you guys are too. :)


  1. im always sure that you'll be a good teacher azie. so proud of u XD

  2. u're soo mother-like azie... u must be a great teacher! :)

  3. azi,salam,came by while blog walking.The scenes described were just as they were 34+ years ago.Sometimes we were happy when things were right and our spirit went down the drain otherwise.But it was the naughty rebellious children that would call you out later.Be patient,and perseverance is indeed a teacher best friend.
    By,enjoy teaching.
    Makcik blogger former tr.

  4. Taufik: Thank you, Sir Taufik. Im sure ur great as well. :)

    Fira: Hehe mother like ey fira? I just believe kids wouldnt be like that for no reason. I wish I could help them. I bet ur a great teacher as well!

    Faten's Mom: Salam auntie, what a small world ey? Hehehe im not sure if you still remember me but Im actually aten's friend. Went to school together kat SKSI hehe.
    Thanks for the great advise. I hope they will remember me for something. A good something. :)
    In the mean time. Yes, perseverance. Lots of it.

  5. Azie,
    makcik didnt realise that you are my ten's friend.Forgive me for being forgetful.Old people la kan.
    Anyway,welcome to the teaching world where you will find lots of things to learn.And I wish you all the best that teaching could attest.Love you.