Friday, July 30, 2010

Teacher Update #4

  1. Gets hungry very early. Rarely misses breakfast. Wow. 
  2. Is amazed at what the word 'trampoline' can do. 
  3. Relief classes have been increasingly manageable. In certain circumstances, the fierce look always wins.
  4. Been using the disciplinary teacher's name an awful lot. 
  5. Have dealt with students having a; cut at the face, sprained wrist, sprained ankle and bleeding mouth. Boys being boys.
  6. Still wonders where do the kids learn all the curse words.
  7. Still wonders if they even know what those words mean.
  8. Enjoys reading students' writings. Always make me smile and laugh.
  9. Shared a big secret on being a good writer. Guess what?
  10. Have always believed one's writings reflects the person. The belief has developed.
  11. Sometimes feels like telling the students to write essays everyday hehee.
  12. Have understood that class right after P.E requires more attention-grabbing activities.
  13. Have learnt a word or two of Mandarin and Tamil. On their part, they're learning English, of course. And a bit of, well, Korean. ;)

Will spend the weekend with family! Thank you, Allah. :)

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