Friday, August 27, 2010

Chocolate Bar

Tom goes to Uncle Bob's grocery store every weekend. His mom sends him to buy bread, flour, cooking oil, some eggs, and sometimes Tom gets to buy anything he wants for himself. As long as it doesnt costs more that RM2. He was delighted.
Uncle Bob knows Tom very well now. They greet each other and make small talk. Uncle Bob knows that Tom is a good kid. Sometimes he gives Tom special discounts and Tom would have extra money to buy something for himself. Sometimes he would get to spend RM4.50 for anything he wants. Instead of just buying one chocolate bar, he could also get a bottle of apple juice. Oh, what joy! Tom knows that Uncle Bob is a good man.

A few months has passed. Tom's mom had lost her job. They can't afford as much food like they used to. Instead of sending Tom to Uncle Bob's store every weekend, Tom's mom can only afford buying the grocery once a month. Tom craves for his visits to Uncle Bob's store. He misses the chocolate treats.

A few months has passed, Tom's mom had manage to collect some money to buy some grocery. So she sent Tom to Uncle Bob's store. But instead of the usual amount of money with the extra RM2 for Tom, Tom's mom said,
"I only have enough money for what we really need. Please spend wisely, Tom."
Tom understood what his mother meant. No more chocolate bars. So he went to Uncle Bob's store. And bought what his mom told him to buy. But when he passed at the chocolate alley, he stared at all the colourful and tempting chocolate bars. It was as if they were calling his name. His saliva dripped to the floor. He wanted one so bad. So he took one. And put it in his pocket.
When Tom went to the counter, as usual Uncle Bob greeted him, "Hey there, Tom! It's been awhile since I saw you here. How's your mom? I hope everything's well."
"We're okay. Thanks for asking, Uncle Bob." Tom was sweating. He quickly put all the items on the counter and paid. Except for the chocolate bar. It was still in his pocket.

"Alrighty Tom. You go on home now. And here, have this chocolate bar. I know how you love it." Uncle Bob smiled.
"But- but I don't have any more money, Uncle Bob." Tom didnt dare look at Uncle Bob's face.
"Nah, it's okay. Take it. You're a good boy." Uncle Bob was still holding the chocolate bar and handing it to Tom.
With tears in his eyes, Tom took it. And went home. He now had two chocolate bars. That night, he couldnt sleep. How could he? Guilt took over him. Uncle Bob has been so kind, generous and giving. And yet, here he was, stealing from him. That night, Tom cried to sleep.

So what's up with the story? Just felt like writing one, I guess.
Been thinking;
Like Tom with Uncle Bob, when Allah has been so kind and given so much, how could we still dare to sin?
At least Tom felt guilty and perhaps would return the chocolate bar as soon as he woke up the next morning.
But do we really repent on our mistakes or do we act like everything's okay? How could anyone, anyone breathe in the air that Allah has provided and not feel the slightest guilt for doing things that Allah has warned not to do. I bet Tom would feel awfully ashamed of himself. He couldnt even look Uncle Bob in the eyes. I bet Tom would say sorry and Uncle Bob would forgive him. Because Uncle Bob knows that Tom is a good boy.
And because Allah is most forgiving, He would forgive too. But only when we ask for it. But do we really, really ask for it? It's now the month of endless rewards, of forgiveness and freedom from nar. Let's try our best, shall we? Because Allah has given so much; health, enough food on the table, great family and friends. So why not we do our part? Be grateful by following His commands. Live life with no burden of guilt. Be happy because Allah is happy. It's never too late. Let's start now. InsyaAllah. :)

Ramadhan, don't leave me ;(

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