Thursday, August 19, 2010

Teacher Update #5

  1. Am going to miss my students. 
  2. Sometimes think been teaching my form 1 students Creative Writing instead haha. They write their own rhyming poems and fables! Amazing!
  3. Am going to miss my students.
  4. I panicked. My form 4 students calmed me down. Shouldn't it be the other way around? They're awesome.
  5. Am going to miss my students.
  6. Excited with our own little project. Hope everything will turn out okay.
  7. Am going to miss my students.
  8. They know I'm near-sighted. They said I look old. Will not wear specs ever again haha.
  9. Am going to miss my students.
  10. Constructed test paper for Form 4: Rational Cloze on 'Eclipse' and Info transfer on 'K-Pop'.
  11. Am going to miss my students.
  12. Marked their papers right after the test. Anxious.
  13. Am going to miss my students.
  14. They don't really know my time with them is almost ending.
  15. Should tell them.
  16. But don't feel like I can.
  17. I'll miss every single being. Every naughty, reluctant, rebellious sweet cute little beings.
  18. Students, Teacher will miss you. Will you miss me? ;(


  1. I feel you, Azie.
    I have one supposedly naughty student who previously would care less about whatever I was teaching. Yet lately, he's been doing his work and keeps asking me "I will still see you around, right?".

    How am I supposed to tell him that yes, he will see me around, but not for too long? My kids are very good at tugging heart :(

  2. Aziz: They are, arent they? WOuldnt be the best person to advise you here. Its awfully hard for me too. But they know eventually. They looked at my record book! haha. We'll still keep in touch with them though. The power of communication these days. :)