Friday, August 27, 2010

Teacher Update #6

  1. I'm observation-free. Alhamdulillah.
  2. Still feel should make every lesson interesting. For the sake of students.
  3. They know what WWF is. (No, it's not World Wrestling Federation) Impressive right?
  4. SPCA too! I had to google to find what it stands for.
  5. Our not-so-little project has been approved by Puan Pengetua. Yeay! Can't wait!
  6. Find myself stealing glances at them when they don't notice. To capture the memories in my heart.
  7. Keep wondering what would they look like when they grow up.
  8. Bet my Form 1 students would grow up tall. I'd be the one who would have to look up to them hehe.
  9. My Form 4 students would grow up being very lovely, nicely-mannered ladies and handsome gentlemen.
  10. I know they'll be amazing people.
  11. Feel guilty. Shouldnt be this attached.
  12. Can't help it. They're too sweet.
  13. :(

I pretend like I'm not sad to leave them. They somehow found out that I'm leaving soon. I wonder how. Oh! And they found my Facebook too.I'll approve after I leave. Not now. Not yet. :( I have less than 10 days (minus the hols) with them. I'm going to appreciate every moment.

I think someday they'll find my blog too. Students, if you're reading this. You actually just had a peak at my heart. Hope it doesn't shows too much at class. I try to be professional. You guys make it hard though, being too kind and sweet. Hope we'll keep in touch once I'm no longer there. Once I'm no longer there.
aaaa sedihnyaaaaaa :(

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