Thursday, September 23, 2010

My 4 Beta

My dear 4 Beta students,

so you've been here all along huh? If only I knew earlier, I would write here everyday to ask you to hand in your persuasive speech! ;)

4 Beta,

as I'm typing this right now, I still can't get myself to stop smiling. Your cute and adorable faces keep appearing in my mind and it makes me sad to know that starting tomorrow, all I have will be these images.

I was supposed to deliver a speech during the farewell party but somehow, I was lost for words. Just seeing all of you gathered there, everything excellently planned and ready was just, overwhelming. So would you forgive me for only being able to repeat a thousand 'thank yous'? I was speechless. Here, I'll make it up. This is for you guys. Imagine me giving this as a speech. :)

4 Beta,

Since I accidentally read about your little reminder on the board regarding my farewell party, there was a big lump at my throat realizing that it's near; bidding farewell is getting near. Yet, day by day I manage to make myself enter your class with a normal smile, trying to shove away the thoughts of not being able to talk and talk and talk with you guys until suddenly the bell rings and Nazrin calls out everyone to stand and say thank you. And oh, not to forget the stretching of my name, "Thank you, Teacher Azieyatiiiiiiiiiiiii." Oh, how I'll miss that. :( You know what? I suddenly realize I havent said enough thank yous to all of you. 4 Beta, from the bottom of my heart, THANK
YOU. :)

3 months, how time flies. It's funny how I could still remember the very first day entering your class and your faces showed a kind of curiousity that made me think, "Hey, will I be okay here?" Then we started to get to know each other. On that very day, I saw your smiles. And I couldnt help it, I was hooked.

The days after were a joy. I wonder sometimes do I bring the same joy as much as you guys bring to me? I hope I did. Because no matter how exhausted I was, somehow all of you provide me the will to go on. And that, my students, makes my every effort worthwhile. :)

Although sometimes I have to admit all I want to do in your class is have fun. Listen to your jokes, laugh together and perhaps share my own lame jokes. You know, just hang around. But I remind myself, I'm the teacher and being one, I hold the responsibility to make a difference. My main aim was to make everyone love English, see it as an enjoying subject that you can explore in so many ways; games, reading, writing, spelling, interviews and my favourite, role plays. Being good in English doesn't requires you to force yourself to do something you don't like doing. There are so many ways for you to explore the language. It could be through movies, songs or even video games. Find one that you like and take advantage of it so that you can improve in a certain way that you prefer. :)

Talking about having fun, I sure had a blast during your drama presentation! As I look through the photos now, I still glow with pride. I felt like telling everyone there, "Look! Those are my students up there!
My students!" You guys made me so proud. The convincing acts, the hilarious script, the colourful and creative props, the smooth flow on the stage and of course, the amazing team work that I have always admired from you, 4 Beta. Have I ever told you that you guys are the ones who inspired me to come up with the idea for the competition? And now, I'm so glad to say that I wouldnt regret any second of it. No matter what number you will get, I know that all of you deserve a great applaud. Congratulations, 4 Beta! :)

The week has ended and as much as I want my life as a student back, it's hard to leave my life as a teacher when I have students like you. I know I'm the luckiest teacher ever to be sent to your class. How innocent I was to think that you wouldnt realize the small little things that I did for you. You have shown me appreciation much more than I have ever shown you. And that has made me even sad to leave. Your cooperation in every class, your "Hi, teacher!" accompanied with a huge smile outside class, your farewell party that was just too sweet to handle, your presents- oh my, your lovely presents! I love each and every one of them. (I literally let them lay beside me as I went to sleep last night hehe. And I read your wishes in the cute pink book about 5o times before I fell asleep!) I promise you, I'll keep them till forever. Thank you for everything, 4 Beta. :)

I hope I could stay there with you and continue helping you in some way or another. There's nothing more than I want than to see my students succeed. You're entering Form 5 in a few months and that would be
the year to give your all out. I was serious in wanting to know about your ambitions but perhaps you could share that with me some other time. By 16 (or 17 for Yew Kin hehe), you should know what you want in your future. You should determine what do you like doing and what are your interests so that you could create an aim. Once you know what you want to achieve, it would be easier for you to create your study path in college. Sit down one day and think about your future. What and who do you want to be. What do you want to do in life. Have an aim, my students. And try your best to achieve it. I know, I believe each and every one of you will be amazing people. Amazing people. Best of luck, 4 Beta! :)

When I'm old one day and all of you would be successful people and living a great life with your family, I hope there could be at least one thing that I said in the short period I was with you that would make you look back to your life now and realize how fortunate all of you are. I hope you could always be grateful and always stay respectful and kind. It would be hard for me to ever imagine you turning into any other people than kind ones, but still, you should always remember this. I was inspired by how close and how well you work together as classmates and friends. It shows how sharing the similarities rather than differences bring unity. You know what? As much as you say I inspire you. You guys are the ones who have inspired me. :)

4 Beta, once you let an English teacher write, she would normally face difficulty in stopping. :P Thus, I should end my 'speech' now. The truth is, there are not enough words to show my awe to you for being so appreciative, so kind, so respectful and so sweet. I will truly miss you. I'm missing you already. ;'( Thank you, thank you, thank you, my ladies and gentleman in 4 Beta! You call me teacher, but actually, you are the ones who have taught me so much. 4 Beta 2010, you will always be a part of me. I promise! :')

Sunday, September 5, 2010


I sincerely believe weddings shouldn't be the time, event or place to display how wealthy you are. It should be about sharing the joy with your loved ones and celebrating the unification of you with your spouse. And because the relationship should always stay under Allah's blessings, I believe the ceremony of finally uniting you together with your soul mate should also be according to Allah's preference- which is to not burden yourself with things you can't afford to impress others. Someone asked me, "Isn't it important to be happier after the wedding ceremony than just during the ceremony?" I believe what he said is completely true.

Thus, my future husband,
I want ours to be simple. As long as you're by my side. I'd be the happiest girl alive.