Sunday, September 5, 2010


I sincerely believe weddings shouldn't be the time, event or place to display how wealthy you are. It should be about sharing the joy with your loved ones and celebrating the unification of you with your spouse. And because the relationship should always stay under Allah's blessings, I believe the ceremony of finally uniting you together with your soul mate should also be according to Allah's preference- which is to not burden yourself with things you can't afford to impress others. Someone asked me, "Isn't it important to be happier after the wedding ceremony than just during the ceremony?" I believe what he said is completely true.

Thus, my future husband,
I want ours to be simple. As long as you're by my side. I'd be the happiest girl alive.


  1. Boleh saja.... as long as you're happy :P

    (menyamar ur future husband.huahuahua)

  2. if only all girls pk cmtu haha

  3. MasyaAllah, this is so true. It's sort of an enlightment for me, since just recently i've been babbling on how my future husband and i should save adequately for the ceremony since some of the guests may be some bigshots. I should have not succumbed to that. Might as well cherish the marriage instead of the wedding, eyh? Thank you, dear. :)

  4. Wani: :)

    Safwan: Haha, goodluck safwan! :)

    Fit: If they dont Im sure they have a strong reason for it. :)

    Iliana: I totally get you. The what-would-the-people-think?? dilemma. But then again, weddings are about us. Our marriage. So let's be selfish for once eh? Hehe but then again I also believe everyone should be happy, especially our parents. 'Cherish the marriage instead of the wedding'. Exactly, couldnt say it better myself. Good luck,Iliana. :)