Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dear Someone,

My eyes are heavy, yet I'm here in front of this screen not being able to sleep. I keep thinking of the future. I keep thinking of you. As guilty as I am my heart returns to you. Shall there be a chance for me to talk to you, I'm not quite sure what would I say. I mean, what would I not say. There's so much catching up to do. So much to share. So much to laugh about. So much to cry about. Till the time comes, I'll be here. Not far. But here. Enough for me to smile and hopefully make you smile. If I come your way, it's okay if you can't say hello. In fact, it's okay if you don't even notice me. Because somewhere in the little part of your body called the heart, I know that's where I am. And though at times, I crave for more. I know, that this should be enough. For now, that is.


  1. ala azie ni ..x pahaammm
    keh keh keh keh :p

  2. Kak Nad: hahaha kan? azie tulis ngantuk2 smlm, azie baca balik rini pun tak berapa paham. maybe it's not meant to be understood? :P