Sunday, December 26, 2010

Teacher Update #7

I miss my students.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Have I told you that I have the best housemates in the whole wide world? If I haven't, I'm telling you now. I do, they're the best. But you know how our lives change and we move on to achieve a better future? Well, two of my housemates have graduated and so they're not going to live with us anymore. :( But to celebrate the good 3 years we've spent together and for their future success, I'm making this special post for them- my very own sisters; Kak Amal and Kak Dib. :)

Dear Kak Amal,

Did you know that the very first day I arrived at our house, I was dead nervous? We didn't really know what to expect. But you greeted us with the warmest smile and made us feel as if we were a family already. I've always loved talking to you. We could speak about the most random things and yet it seemed to be so interesting. You have that infectious laugh that makes other people happy just by looking at you laugh. It wouldn't hurt also that you're beautiful. I still remember you telling us that you don't plan to marry early. But hey, look what's happening now haha. I am so happy for you, Kak Amal. Being such a kind, caring and genuine person, you really do deserve the best.

Dear Kak Dib,

For some reason, whenever I say your name I keep wanting to add the 'comel' at the end. "Kak Dib Comel" hehe. Perhaps it's because you really are comel. :) I'm not going to lie, my first impression of you was that you are so garang. But very soon after, I found out that you are the most manja person ever! Thanks to you and your cute car, we've had the opportunity to explore beyond Section 17 yet always resulting us to come back and have our dinner at Candle. :P And thanks for teaching me to dab on some body lotion on breakouts because it does work for our skin type, doesn't it? Haha. Thank you for being so sweet, generous and simply adorable, Kak Dib.

I will miss both of you tremendously and the time that we had together will always be in my heart. I'll make sure my kids would grow up hearing stories about you and perhaps we could pair them up later. :P Thank you so much for being wonderful seniors and housemates. I could not wish for anyone better than you two. I wish that Allah grant you the best in the future- marriage, work, and basically life as a whole. In my heart you are not only my housemates but also my sisters. Kak Amal and Kak Dib, I love you.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I have been near-sighted ever since I was 13. The very first among my siblings to inherit the trait from my father. (Now, all three of us wear glasses. Well, actually the whole family). I think it's because I read a lot cewah. Anyway, it started with a harmless prescription of 125 where I still had the privilege to choose whether I want to wear them or not wear them. Today, about 9 years later, if I choose to not wear my glasses, all I would be able to see are splashes of colour and moving ghosts. I'm not complaining. I'm grateful that Allah still grant me eyesight and the creation of contact lens. But having said so, I kinda miss the feeling of not having to grab my glasses the minute I wake up or even being able to look myself at the mirror at a certain distance without having my glasses on. I've tried eating carrots and vitamin tablets for the eyes. Oh, and I even tried Permata Hijrah. Maybe I didn't ate them right because nothing has changed. And as for contact lens, well, I wouldn't say I'm the hugest fan. But I guess they're okay when they don't get too dried up that I feel as if they're pulling my eyes out. The one thing I love about being poor sighted is that I appreciate my eyes more than ever now; too afraid to stare too long at my lappy or read in the dark. And another thing is, my glasses actually help to cover my puffy eyes and dark circles! So yeah, not all is bad. :)

But just in case, to those out there who are going through the same road with me, if you've tried something that has improved your eyesight, do share. Oh, and please don't suggest Lasik surgery. As much as I'm wishing for it, I don't have the bucks just yet.

P/s: If you're wondering if I purposely edited the photo so that my face would somehow expand. You're wrong. It's the hols.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

How I've missed writing in here. The internet has been on and off for the past several weeks but alhamdulillah today (and please for the next several years), I'm sensing it would stay good. So I'm, doing this post so that at least I wouldn't regret not doing one just in case the internet disappears again.

I know that the hols would pass by quickly, it always has. But I guess that's life. The things that you love- the moments, the people, they just kinda leave you wanting more. And being human, you just always want more. And when you've got more than you need, suddenly you just can't stop wanting more and more because you've gotten so used to it. Wow, how did I suddenly get into this.

Anyway, my hols has been fine. The regular stuffs happening everyday. But alhamdulillah, to our joy, our house has been blessed with so many guests lately. Guests bring barakah so we are really grateful. We haven't really gone on a vacation, my father being really busy by the end of the year but then again, I've always been so attached to the house and more specifically my room anyway. Been watching lots of TV. And I've kinda made up my mind that perhaps there will be no need for a TV for my own kids. Too risky. Will have to discuss this later with the boss of the house. InsyaAllah.

The Islamic Hijrah year has just started and I hope it brings more good beginnings to everyone. I've never really been the type to write a new year's resolution. But I guess this year, I'll be focusing more on performing my best in my last semester as a TESL undergraduate and hopefully graduate with a first class degree, insyaAllah. Then, well, we'll see what happens. Knowing that Allah knows best, I pray that He'll keep something special in store for me.

Will write more soon. A more meaningful post, I hope. Till then,

Salam Maal Hijrah 1432 and do enjoy the remaining days of hols. :)