Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I have been near-sighted ever since I was 13. The very first among my siblings to inherit the trait from my father. (Now, all three of us wear glasses. Well, actually the whole family). I think it's because I read a lot cewah. Anyway, it started with a harmless prescription of 125 where I still had the privilege to choose whether I want to wear them or not wear them. Today, about 9 years later, if I choose to not wear my glasses, all I would be able to see are splashes of colour and moving ghosts. I'm not complaining. I'm grateful that Allah still grant me eyesight and the creation of contact lens. But having said so, I kinda miss the feeling of not having to grab my glasses the minute I wake up or even being able to look myself at the mirror at a certain distance without having my glasses on. I've tried eating carrots and vitamin tablets for the eyes. Oh, and I even tried Permata Hijrah. Maybe I didn't ate them right because nothing has changed. And as for contact lens, well, I wouldn't say I'm the hugest fan. But I guess they're okay when they don't get too dried up that I feel as if they're pulling my eyes out. The one thing I love about being poor sighted is that I appreciate my eyes more than ever now; too afraid to stare too long at my lappy or read in the dark. And another thing is, my glasses actually help to cover my puffy eyes and dark circles! So yeah, not all is bad. :)

But just in case, to those out there who are going through the same road with me, if you've tried something that has improved your eyesight, do share. Oh, and please don't suggest Lasik surgery. As much as I'm wishing for it, I don't have the bucks just yet.

P/s: If you're wondering if I purposely edited the photo so that my face would somehow expand. You're wrong. It's the hols.


  1. i am wearing glasses since i was 9. never try contact lens bcause I have astigmatism.

  2. I heard there's contact lens for astigmatism. Maybe you could give it a try, Wanie. :)

  3. with or without glasses, u r still extra-ordinarily beautiful... ^^

  4. Melin: Thanks. :)

    Iamme: Wow, thank you. I'm quite certain that you're as beautiful as well. :)

  5. Thank you azie, but i'm for sure not an 'eyes-captured wonder' as you are, as i'm not a girl.. =p. Btw, keep writing ya!! =)