Thursday, December 9, 2010

How I've missed writing in here. The internet has been on and off for the past several weeks but alhamdulillah today (and please for the next several years), I'm sensing it would stay good. So I'm, doing this post so that at least I wouldn't regret not doing one just in case the internet disappears again.

I know that the hols would pass by quickly, it always has. But I guess that's life. The things that you love- the moments, the people, they just kinda leave you wanting more. And being human, you just always want more. And when you've got more than you need, suddenly you just can't stop wanting more and more because you've gotten so used to it. Wow, how did I suddenly get into this.

Anyway, my hols has been fine. The regular stuffs happening everyday. But alhamdulillah, to our joy, our house has been blessed with so many guests lately. Guests bring barakah so we are really grateful. We haven't really gone on a vacation, my father being really busy by the end of the year but then again, I've always been so attached to the house and more specifically my room anyway. Been watching lots of TV. And I've kinda made up my mind that perhaps there will be no need for a TV for my own kids. Too risky. Will have to discuss this later with the boss of the house. InsyaAllah.

The Islamic Hijrah year has just started and I hope it brings more good beginnings to everyone. I've never really been the type to write a new year's resolution. But I guess this year, I'll be focusing more on performing my best in my last semester as a TESL undergraduate and hopefully graduate with a first class degree, insyaAllah. Then, well, we'll see what happens. Knowing that Allah knows best, I pray that He'll keep something special in store for me.

Will write more soon. A more meaningful post, I hope. Till then,

Salam Maal Hijrah 1432 and do enjoy the remaining days of hols. :)


  1. glad that you're back, azie! :)
    keep on writing!

  2. luv 2 read ur blog sis, very inspiring, good luck for sem8 (=

  3. susahnyeee nak tengok azie update..tapi once dia update, sonok baca!

    ehems..boss of the house? sapeee??? wihihihi

  4. Wanie: Will try, insyaAllah. Thanks :)

    Azie: Hi Azie!! Miss you! :D Bolehhhh, sila2, japgi azie pun link blog azie gak hehe.

    Kak Nad: Kan? Takda idea nak updatela.
    Heheee, taktauu. Tengokla nanti. :P