Friday, July 30, 2010

Teacher Update #4

  1. Gets hungry very early. Rarely misses breakfast. Wow. 
  2. Is amazed at what the word 'trampoline' can do. 
  3. Relief classes have been increasingly manageable. In certain circumstances, the fierce look always wins.
  4. Been using the disciplinary teacher's name an awful lot. 
  5. Have dealt with students having a; cut at the face, sprained wrist, sprained ankle and bleeding mouth. Boys being boys.
  6. Still wonders where do the kids learn all the curse words.
  7. Still wonders if they even know what those words mean.
  8. Enjoys reading students' writings. Always make me smile and laugh.
  9. Shared a big secret on being a good writer. Guess what?
  10. Have always believed one's writings reflects the person. The belief has developed.
  11. Sometimes feels like telling the students to write essays everyday hehee.
  12. Have understood that class right after P.E requires more attention-grabbing activities.
  13. Have learnt a word or two of Mandarin and Tamil. On their part, they're learning English, of course. And a bit of, well, Korean. ;)

Will spend the weekend with family! Thank you, Allah. :)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Black Beauty

please be good and tell Papa, Mama, Bangah and Aiman that I miss them.
Oh, and please don't make that face. Of course I miss you too!

Lots of love,
Your very homesick neck-scratcher.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Dear Someone,

You will never know how much you mean to me. 
You are my; ______________ (I can fill up a gazillion things here and it'd still not be enough to describe my gratitude to you.)
But I thank Allah the most for your prayers. Because I know I'm always in it. And that- that just makes me stronger than ever. 
I can't read the future. So can't you. But however it'll be, I pray that you'll be there. And I'd still be in it. Your prayers, I mean. At least 5 times daily. Like how you're doing it now. The only difference would be, well, my name.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Teacher Update #3

  1. Eats cookies whenever there's time spared.
  2. Has started to show fangs.
  3. Plays games during reliefs. Make them much quieter.
  4. Been observed twice by Mentor and once by Supervisor. Alhamdulillah, my students are the greatest.
  5. Been thinking of proposing a Drama Club. Inspired by my students excellent acting skills.
  6. Wish had recorded their role-plays. They were amazing.
  7. The younger kids have still been a great challenge.
  8. Got the chance to meet students' parents for school's Open Day. A great experience.
  9. Still gets lost in finding classes. Relief ones, I mean.
  10. Falls asleep very easily every night. Usually would dream of students.
  11. Fails to wake up late on weekends.
  12. Still can't believe it's already a month.
  13. Being at school reminds me of my school. And everyone in it. SMSTSP, I miss you.

Anyway, here's the first photo taken of me with my girls. :)

Friday, July 2, 2010

Teacher Update #2

  1. I remember the smiles.
  2. I remember the shoutings of "TEACHER!" accompanied with a huge grin across the corridor.
  3. I remember the wide eyes full of excitement.
  4. I remember the gaping of awe.
  5. I remember the shy "thank yous" as a result of never being acknowledged.
  6. I remember the pink blush when been given a loud applause.
..and the pain of dealing with very (and I do mean very) unpleasant mannered children during Relief classes start to fade away.

I sympathize, I empathize. Little innocent children like that should not own that much hate. Should not own that much rebel. Where do all the anger come from? I want to help. But they don't let me in. Little, little innocent souls. Why? Why are they like this? Little innocent souls shouldn't be like this. They should embrace life. Be happy, have fun, smile, laugh. Not fight, argue, smash things in front of my face to show how much hatred they have for teachers like me. Teachers who want to help. Why? Little innocent children, you're going to be the future generation. The leaders of my children. Why? ;(

Am trying to stay positive. Hope you guys are too. :)