Wednesday, January 26, 2011


So Allah swt gave her something. And it has been amazing owning it. She would spend hours exploring and playing with it. Yes, you can play with it. And she's not really a fan of games, but boy does she like to play games now.

Anyway, it hasn't been her intention to go around showing it to everyone but somehow people have been noticing. And when people see it and ask about it and ask to look at it, she would happily give it to them. She shows them this and that. And tells them how cool the thing is. Because it is. At least
she thinks it is. And somehow, people just instantly fall or it. Perhaps, she's good at convincing. Or perhaps because she actually loves the thing so much and wants to share the excitement she has towards it with everyone else. At least to anyone interested in it. She actually wants everyone close to her to own it too. You know, so that they can share the excitement together.

But now, now that practically everyone that has asked her about it has been so excited to own it because of her indirectly 'promoting' it, she starts to ponder.

Has there been anything else in her 2o something years living that has caused people to be so easily convinced and persuaded? Has there been anything that she promotes and shares about that has made people so excited to own it themselves? Has there been anything that she says at least that has made people think about before they sleep and just want to change their lives because of it? Has there been anything at all that has made people remember it and seek her to ask about it just by looking at her face! Has there?

She starts thinking. If only, she has the ability to do da'wah and share with people the greatness of Allah and Islam just by talking about it. There's too much to show as a proof. There's endless of things to talk about. There's too much praises to be awed about! And yet, she never tries. She talks about things like that thing she owns. A thing that one day will become useless and practically perish and turn into dust.

She starts thinking wouldn't it be nice if people look at her and just somehow remember Allah? Wouldn't it be nice if she could infect her excitement towards achieving jannah with everyone that she talks to? Because she very well wants everyone to be happy, if not more, happier than her. And what would be more happier than being close to Allah and achieving jannah? Perhaps it's because the excitement in her isn't really there. She rarely talks about it nor does she shows how much she wants it. She hasn't really done much to achieve it either. So how could it be reflected from her?

She understands she has a loooong way to go. And she prays she has the time and opportunities to really strive for what she really wants. That huge mission in life. She's striven for a lot of things before but this is THE mission. She must do her best to do it. And if along the way, somehow it affects others, alhamdulillah. At least, she knows that she's not just good at promoting a lifeless thing.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Teacher Update #8

I miss my students.

Friday, January 14, 2011

I Will

They're dry now. Hopefully they'll stay so.
If this makes you happy, I'll do it.
If this is what you want, I'll be there.
If this makes you show that thing I love so much about you, I don't mind.
If this is the price I need to pay, I'm willing.

If this makes you stay, I'll sacrifice.

Because you're worth it.

Saturday, January 8, 2011


He's never afraid to say what he thinks.
He's always been rooted to the ground in whatever he does.
He's never ever lazy.
He's committed in everything that he does.
He moves everywhere in a flash of a second and yet never complains or gets tired.
He cooks the most amazing dishes whenever he has the time.
He serves the food right on our plates.
He's never afraid to praise someone he thinks deserves praising.
He calls me "pandai, rajin, anak yang baik."
He shows his love.
He thinks of me every time he sees papayas, cempedak, air kelapa or any other food that I like.
He buys me presents whenever he goes for trips.
He has an eye for jewelry and fabric.
He's always thinking of how to be a better muslim.
He's a huge part of how I am as I am today.

One day, he did something so nice, so thoughtful and so selfless that I told him,

"Thank you, Pa for your kindness. Only Allah can repay everything. You will always be my idol."

and he replied,

"Only Prophet Muhammad saw is qualified to be our idol. What I did was nothing. You'll always get my blessings."

..He's my most favouritest man in the whole wide world.
And he's my Papa. Alhamdulillah. :')

Happy 52nd birthday , Papa.
May Allah grant you everything, everything that you deserve. No one deserves it more than you. :)