Saturday, January 8, 2011


He's never afraid to say what he thinks.
He's always been rooted to the ground in whatever he does.
He's never ever lazy.
He's committed in everything that he does.
He moves everywhere in a flash of a second and yet never complains or gets tired.
He cooks the most amazing dishes whenever he has the time.
He serves the food right on our plates.
He's never afraid to praise someone he thinks deserves praising.
He calls me "pandai, rajin, anak yang baik."
He shows his love.
He thinks of me every time he sees papayas, cempedak, air kelapa or any other food that I like.
He buys me presents whenever he goes for trips.
He has an eye for jewelry and fabric.
He's always thinking of how to be a better muslim.
He's a huge part of how I am as I am today.

One day, he did something so nice, so thoughtful and so selfless that I told him,

"Thank you, Pa for your kindness. Only Allah can repay everything. You will always be my idol."

and he replied,

"Only Prophet Muhammad saw is qualified to be our idol. What I did was nothing. You'll always get my blessings."

..He's my most favouritest man in the whole wide world.
And he's my Papa. Alhamdulillah. :')

Happy 52nd birthday , Papa.
May Allah grant you everything, everything that you deserve. No one deserves it more than you. :)


  1. Azie, pls show this to your Papa. it's too, too sweet :')

  2. Nashrah: :) They actually dont know I blog hehe. But I will, insyaAllah. One fine day :)

  3. This is awesome! happy birthday to Tuan Haji Nazri. may Allah SWT bless all of you with happiness. :)

  4. Aziz: Cool. I like that. Thanks Aziz :)

    Sheikh: Amin amin amin. Thanks Sheikh! :)

  5. i hope i'll have a daughter dat will luv me soo much, juz like u.. =)