Monday, March 28, 2011


Allah works in such beautiful ways. Being so busy this semester has made me not be able to go back home since January. So being me, you could just imagine how sick I am. Homesick, that is. But.. alhamdulillah, for the past 5 weeks, my papa has been involved in this conference at MAS Academy, Kelana Jaya which is just 20 minutes tops from my house here in Shah Alam. So, I've been going there back and forth as my mom would come too. Yup, all the way from Penang. And little by little, my sickness has been reduced. It's incredible how meeting them for the short 2 days every week could make me feel so revived. The power of love, I guess.

I've also realized more than ever that my parents are my hugest inspiration to choose that someone who's just so worth it to be with, no matter how hard, no matter how far, no matter how tiring the journey is. To be there for each other no matter what. To smile just by seeing each other's smile. To share the jokes that only we understand. To know what each other wants even before the sentence finishes. To just look each other in the eyes and know that we are now complete. To just.. be in love for as long as we live.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Big Boss Appointment

I have always had this thing lingering in my mind. I deeply, highly, truly believe men have no excuses whatsoever to not solah. At home or in this case, outside home. There's just none. None. And when I mean not solah, I actually also mean, not solah on time. Men have no excuses whatsoever to not solah on time. Yes, this has always been on my mind. Why? Here are the reasons why:

  1. Men require very little effort in covering their aurat. They could very well wear anything that they are wearing at the time and go solah. No telekung-searching or waiting turns to use the telekung.
  2. Men don't have to worry about messing up their hijab. So their hair is wet by the wudhu'? Comb it and they're done.
  3. Men take so little time taking the wudhu'. They don't need to take off anything. Just go to the water source and wash their body parts. Done.
  4. And these 3 points brings us to; Men can take their wudhu' practically anywhere.
  5. Men don't need to re-wear anything after taking the wudhu'. They go straight off to pray.
  6. Men don't wear makeup. Thus, no hassle in wanting to remove it before taking the wudhu'.
  7. Men are men. The ones who Allah has chosen as Imams of families, the ones who'll guide his wife and children, the ones who should be the strong one. Spiritually I mean, not just physically.

So I keep thinking, if I were a boy, I could easily escape from something for barely 10 minutes or less to solah on time and noone would even notice. Too easy!
Sooo, yeah. That's what I think. You know how I think. It's never completely right but I just keep thinking about this whenever I have that someone whispering to me of the 1001 obstacles for me to not solah on time when I go to the mall or wherever. It could be, "but they don't have enough telekungs here" or "but the telekungs are so dirty" or "but I'm wearing eye-liner and I forgot to bring makeup remover so after taking the wudhu' my eyes would be all smudgy" or "the wudhu' place is not proper so I have to go to the toilet and take it there" and other petty things that would make me think that it's okay to solah once I reach home which would be incredibly late. Believe me, these old fellas know how to persuade.

But then, I keep on reminding myself what this kind auntie once told me, if we have set an appointment with someone, from a huge company and we know how important that meeting is for us, wouldn't we be ready outside the the person's door for at least 20 minutes early? Wouldn't we want to make a good impression and not make him wait for us? So this is our Lord we're talking about. He chooses certain people as his ambassadors to call out the azan, calling everyone to "hayya 'alal solah, hayya 'alal fallah" (let's solah, let's achieve success) 5 times a day without fail, and yet we ignore Him. Suddenly our watches or punctuality isn't significant for our appointment with The Boss of all Bosses. Even after He keeps saying that if we do it straight away, we'll get success. We think other things are more important like watching a movie or talking to a friend or eating than answering Allah's call. Or worse, petty petty things like not having the telekung or worrying about smudgy eyes. And we wonder why we never achieve success.

For the points up there, I highlighted why men should never exempt themselves from solah. But it doesnt mean that women should. It's just that I think Allah made it easier for men and as for women, we were given those challenges because Allah knows that we're just too awesome and we would easily face them. Allah knows best.

Telekung problem? Always bring a pair in your car. Or what I do is, I bring a pair of thick socks wherever I go. At least if the telekung's not available, there's always my hijab and the socks would cover my feet.

Makeup? Hmm, bring a small bottle of makeup remover with you. But I have always loved ladies who embrace their natural beauty that shines within.

Other problems? Where there's a will, there would always be a way, right? Allah would never ever make things difficult for us. And besides, it's to achieve success. Who in the world can offer a better trade? :)

P/s: As usual, just felt like sharing this self-reminder. Do remind me when I forget ya, friends? That's all me up there. ;(

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Birthday.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hearts Talking

I saw her. She went outside. I followed. I saw her practicing and talking to the lady cleaner. She's a nice person.

She was at the back. I looked at her. She was far. I moved closer. I looked at her. She was crying. I decided not to bother her just yet. She's a nice person.

She looked calm now. I stood and walked right up to her. I shook her hands. Such soft hands. I said something. Our eyes met. She smiled. I smiled. She's a nice person.

She went upfront. She was different. She was real. She's a nice person.

She was at the back again. I looked from afar. She was talking and laughing. I waited till she was alone again. She saw me. I went closer. I shook her hands, again. Those soft hands. Our eyes met, again. We didn't really say anything. She smiled. I smiled. Our eyes were suddenly full of tears. She's a nice person.

I'll do that thing you told me to do. Why? Because you're a nice person. :')

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Simply Pretty

Back in 2009, blog-hopping as always, I stumbled upon this beautiful lady's blog. More particularly, this post with that picture over there. How simple yet lovely she looked. How subtle her make up was and how she looked so naturally beautiful. I have always been a fan of simplicity, you see. So I adored her then. And now that she has created her own wave and become one of the most famous and inspiring fashion designers for girls here in Malaysia, I adore her still. Especially that simplicity part.

So do you know how excited I am to get to meet her soon? Nope, you cannot even imagine.

P/s: Hana, beware. I'm gonna hug you.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

You wouldn't believe how good I am at procrastinating.