Thursday, March 10, 2011

Simply Pretty

Back in 2009, blog-hopping as always, I stumbled upon this beautiful lady's blog. More particularly, this post with that picture over there. How simple yet lovely she looked. How subtle her make up was and how she looked so naturally beautiful. I have always been a fan of simplicity, you see. So I adored her then. And now that she has created her own wave and become one of the most famous and inspiring fashion designers for girls here in Malaysia, I adore her still. Especially that simplicity part.

So do you know how excited I am to get to meet her soon? Nope, you cannot even imagine.

P/s: Hana, beware. I'm gonna hug you.


  1. hey there! :]
    just discovered urs thru stylecovered. :] Nice blog u have here. Eh. Actually I am a fan of Hana too. She's really coming to UiTM tomorrow? I am kinda excited u know. Like u. Heheh.
    Well, do blog about her if u meet her okay? It'll be nice. Oh. Envy envy.

    P/S: perhaps u're studying in UiTM Shah Alam? :]

  2. Salaam, hi Lisa!

    Thanks! :) And yup, she was there. So pretty and sweet. Maybe you'll get to meet her too one day. She's so humble.

    P/s: Yup! Ada rezeki terserempaklah kita :)