Sunday, July 3, 2011

Teaching Update #10

  1. It has been over a month!
  2. No longer gets lost to find classes.
  3. Decided to not wear the name tag.
  4. Technology and air-cond dysfunctions annoy me to bits.
  5. But I try to act cool.
  6. Am loving teaching BEL 120.
  7. Students have been awesome.
  8. Can remember almost all their names now.
  9. Teach me not to be attached.
  10. Impossible, I tell you.
  11. I wish I could stay.


  1. salam Azie.
    FYI, aku sedang praktikal dengan Majalah 3. Kalau ada story yang bagus untuk paparan Majalah 3, sila-sila contact aku ya!

  2. Wsalaam jetli. Majalah 3?? Wahh syoknya! InsyaAllah kalau aku ada apa2 idea or jumpa anything interesting, aku bagitau nanti. Good luck! :)

  3. azie! tedd wants such teaching passion also. uwa.

    goodluck sayang

  4. Teddy: InsyaAllah, there is that passion in you. :) Good luck to you too!

  5. everyone is teaching already. waaa~~