Thursday, August 4, 2011

Teaching Update #11

  1. It has been two months!
  2. Not even going to pretend. Teaching during fasting is a bit tiring.
  3. So I load them with practices and let them do most of the talking hehe.
  4. It's interesting to see how different groups of students from different courses relate the same task I give, to their own background knowledge.
  5. The engineers would relate on cars, electrical things and technology that even I don't even know about.
  6. And the master chefs would talk about various types of foods and recipes.
  7. I learn a lot from them.
  8. The class of females is obedient and listen to instructions well.
  9. The class of males, besides being naughty boys that they are, is entertaining yet focused when given tasks.
  10. The class of both males and females is usually the noisiest but also the most interactive.
  11. Remember the teachers at school or the lecturers who could keep a stern face even when the students make a hilarious joke?
  12. Well, I fail to be one. Sometimes I laugh more than the students.
  13. I love the azan at the campus's masjid.
  14. I love my students.
  15. I love teaching.

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  1. azie.. im sorry im a bit outdated... but where are you teaching at?