Thursday, November 24, 2011


I refuse to count. Because.. well, I think you'd know by now. But then a short text arrived today,
"30 days left."

And my heart, it skipped a beat.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

C & D

Have you ever had a friend that does laundry for you? And I mean from putting everything in the washing machine to drying and folding? Have you ever had a friend that each time she goes to buy lunch, she'd text/call you first to ask if you want anything too? Have you
ever had a friend that when you feel like letting your heart out, she'd be there all ears, and making you feel so understood? And when you cry and be all embarrassed, she would make you feel okay because well, her eyes are wet too. Have you ever had a friend that buys lots of fruits but specifically buys more papaya, just because she knows it's your favorite? Have you ever had a friend that when you're sleeping, she'd try her best to move and find something in the room without turning the lights on because she knows it'll interrupt your sleep? Have you ever had a friend that when you borrow her money because you forgot to bring your purse and promised to pay her back but just somehow it slipped your mind, and one day you remember it again, and tell her you want to pay for it, she would just say, "Oh, it's okay. You've paid it already."? Have you ever had a friend that always, and I do mean always ask for your opinion on anything and whatever that comes out from your mouth seems significant to her to be trusted and appreciated? Have you ever had a friend that when someone says bad things to you, she'd be there to have your back no matter what? Have you ever had a friend that when you experienced an allergy and was itching all over for almost an hour, she was there with you every second and helping you to put on lotion until you were okay again? Have you ever had a friend that when you share deep secrets and expect them to be just between the two of you, it stays exactly so? Have you ever had a friend that doesn't just says yes when invited to do something fun, but also is with you to do something more mujahadah? Have you ever had a friend that is not only a friend to you, but is actually a sister? Have you ever had a friend that when you look at her, it reminds you of Allah?

Because if you do, you'd know how lucky and blessed I feel. Alhamdulillah.

Dear Syiqin and Diana,

As we said goodbyes during our convocation last week, it kinda hit me, that we're really going to live far away from each other now. It brought me to tears but knowing that we're connected by Deen, convinced me that we'll see each other again throughout our lives. You guys have literally been with me in thick and thin, five years to be exact, and witnessed my good and lotssss of my bad. But not once, have you given up and leave. Or sulk in that matter. And to be with me, as in studying and living with me, I know, was not easy. I've learnt so much from you, more than you two can imagine. And insyaAllah, all of that will go into your pahala account. Thank you for accepting me, trusting me, and loving me. Only you two really know how I'm really like at home, so please don't share
silly stories about Auntie Azie to entertain your kids one day haha. I don't really know how to say how grateful and thankful I am to have you in my life, except to just keep on praying that you'll always be happy, successful duniya and hereafter, get husbands that do the work of Rasulullah (and get married soon), and always, always be blessed by Allah. Amin.

I love you Diana and Syiqin. You're not only my classmates, my housemates, my bestfriends, my sisters, but you're also my sahabats dunia akhirat.

p.s: It's okay, I'll lose. I'm admitting I miss you guys first. :P