Sunday, December 18, 2011

Almost There

I'm not proud about it, but you know how great I am at pr
ocrastinating, so now that the days have become a single digit, I've practically had no time at all to just sit and do nothing because there is so much to do! In fact, the whole family has been rushing here and there trying to get things done. The TV hasn't been on for more than a month, I think. Really, every minute counts.

But somehow throughout these hectic days, as I deal with things that are easily settled and some which require me to istighfar a million times first before they would finally work out, I manage to calm myself by thinking, "This is actually happening. A dream is coming true" And I hear a voice (that comes from someone who has a long beard) saying, "It's going to be okay", alhamdulillah, life's good again. One day, I'll look back and remember these moments and when that happens, I want to remember myself smiling and trying to do the best I can, and not see an image of a Bridezilla. Because that was the first thing that I vowed not to become when all of this started.

Friends and dear readers, please make do'a for us so that everything goes well and most important, that Allah bless not only our wedding but also our marriage.

Jazakallah. :)

P/s: Here are the newly weds. There was a really big dust in my eyes that day. :')

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