Friday, December 9, 2011

The Big Guy

We're off to Kelantan. And when we return insyaAllah, my brother, my only big brother will be a husband.

Can you believe it?

Because I hardly can.



  1. congratulations for ur brother!

    jadi awe klate la pasnih. haha

  2. Tak lama lagi adik pun ikut jejak langkah abang dia. :)

    I know you've done this tag but it would be nice if you will answer the questions.

  3. Safwan: Jazakallah! Tulaah, patutla sebelum ni tengok dia pandai ngat kecek! :))

    Sheikh: InsyaAllah! :)
    And I'd be happy to do it.

    Kak Nor: In Pasir Pekan. Was kinda wishing that we would bump into each other hehe.

  4. And I always imagine that I would bump into you everytime Im in Penang!