Monday, February 28, 2011


I know it's only the first paper.
I know that I got carried away with my points (as expected).
I know that this would only mean that I have to do better next time.
I know that it's not even a perfect score.
But Sir, I don't care.
To be in your class is a privilege that I would be forever grateful.
And to get your recognition, Ya Allah, you don't know what it means to me.
I promise I won't waste this opportunity.
Sir, thank you.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Super Senior

Tonight, I have chosen to chillax (cool word, huh?). Assignments are killing me softly but then again, being a master procrastinator as I am, I'm going to wait till it's near deadline to work on it. Lazy? Naah, I just have other priorities.

Nevertheless, I'm gonna write something about assignments tonight just to ease the guilt. At least I'm thinking about it, right? So, anyways, sometimes when I do my assignments I like to look at others work to get inspiration and kinda develop my points from there. It's not plagiarizing. It's inspiration-seeking. And sometimes I spend too long in this inspiration-seeking stage that I end up being tired to complete my assignment and leave it hanging. So I've changed that habit, complete my work first-- write whatever that comes through my mind. And then, go find inspiration and add up wherever necessary. It saves up so much time!

So what I've discovered lately is that, after only finishing my work and go read others work, I've suddenly realized how beat-around-the-bush kind of writer I am! I mean, I know the question is stated clearly; "In a direct and clear essay, explain bla bla bla.." It says 'direct'. And there's a reason why lecturers put that word there, so that students wouldnt go wasting their time with irrelevant points. I could almost imagine my lecturers now reading my paper and saying, "What the heck is she talking about? Get to the point already!" (Okay, my lecturers don't speak like this. This is me exaggerating.)

So I try, I do, I try to just go straight to the point and deliver my facts and opinions. But.. it's just not fun and pretty. I like pretty writings that make you feel as if you're on air. The words float you and you're just up there smiling and feeling all.. well, airy. But I guess it doesn't work for research papers, journal reviews, and factual assignments like that, huh? It doesn't quite work for Literature papers, either. It may seem more tolerable but I guess it gets tiring after awhile for the lecturers, I mean.

It's my final semester. Been doing okay so far alhamdulillah, but to tell you the truth, completing my AE has not been a joy. Give me 10 novels to read or 10 movies to watch and let me write a review. Let me read children's poems all day or make me create poems myself, I will. Just not finding facts and research, facts and research. God, help me. :/

I guess the only motivation that has kept me moving is the fact that it's almost over and I want to leave with a huge smile on my face. So yeah, I need all the do'as I can get. My prayers are for all of you too. Don't hesitate to share your work with me. You'll get to be my inspiration. How's that for an offer? ;)
May Allah help us ease this journey. Amin.

Monday, February 21, 2011


Guess who made all those beautiful things up there? Me? Why, thank you for your kind thoughts. But no, it's my amazing Mama lah. :D

They're beautiful aren't they? Just in case you're wondering, it's bookmarks, tissue case, little kittie toy, calendar header, another type of bookmark
(there's a name for it. I can't remember), and a cute drawstring bag up there. Oh, and the other photo is a file cover. Creative, right? I wish I had her artsy side and dedication.

Anywaaay, I'm putting all these photos here not because I'm se
lling them or anything, but to just share with you how amazing my Mama is. It's her birthday today. She's amazing everyday but on this very special day, well, here it goes.

She's beautiful.
She's awful at saying "No."
She cooks the yummiest spaghetti, nasi goreng, cekodok.. (the list continues)
She laughs at my every joke no matter how lame they are.
She says "thank you" when I do a simple job like vacuuming the house.
She says "sorry" when she is late picking up the phone.
She's too kind.
She's funny.
She's my no. 1 supporter.
She's the reason I love reading.
She's the reason I love writing.
She's the reason I love sewing.
She never turns down a beggar.
She's too nice with people at the counter.
She's her students' most favourite teacher (mine too).
She listens to me.
She buys things in twos, always one for me.
She's my best friend.
She's a huge part of how I am as I am today.

Dear Mama,

I've told you this before and I'll tell you again. Of all the things Allah has given me, there is nothing I'm more thankful for than having you. May you always stay happy and be happier as the day goes by. Thank you for everything that you've sacrificed. Nothing I'll do would be enough to repay them. You'll always be my No. 1. Mama, I love you.