Monday, January 30, 2012


I know that some other things have happened in this world, but you know,
my world now just kinda revolves around me and my husband hehee. So you know that my blog now just has to be about me and my husband, our wedding, my husband, things that I feel like writing, my husband, my feelings, oh and yes, my husband! So just for the fun of it, tonight I'm going to list some things that happened before the wedding.

  • The date was chosen randomly just so that people would stop asking as at that time we had no idea when to have it.
  • It was originally 25th December. But then very soon we decided to change.
  • At first, the akad was planned to be held on the morning before the walimah, but changed to the night before to avoid chaos.
  • Went into a chocolate frenzy about 3 weeks before the wedding. Could finish a huge bar of chocolate at one time. And I don't even like chocolate. Crazy!
  • Have always wanted a light-coloured wedding. Eg: White jubah, white background, white decorations. But plans had to change.
  • Originally, the colour of the jubah for my side of walimah was peach. But it turned out to be so pale, that Mama and Tok prohibited me to wear it.
  • I like looking pale so I insisted to wear it, for several days I'd model the jubah in front of them trying to let them see that it's not that bad, but with a straight face they'd say, "No."
  • So went with jubah no. 3, (I had several jubahs tailored just in case things like this happen), which was maroon. I really like the design. But then again, refer to point no. 5.
  • These jubahs were all completed 2 weeks before the wedding.
  • I sewed my akad jubah in between the gap of my lecture classes, which took approximately an hour. (FYI, teaching there requires me to only be at the faculty at class hours, so the long gap was used beneficially.)
  • The chocolates in the door gifts were made by yours truly. After doing all 2000 of them, I refuse to look at chocolates anymore.
  • Since couldn't really make up my mind on my jubah, bought fiance's(at that time) Baju Melayu a day before the wedding.
  • Decided to rent the songket suit a few days before. He did not try any of these clothes until the wedding.
  • Oh, and the last time I met him was during our convocation which was 2 months before.
  • Tents prepared were insufficient so more tents were added a day before. They were decided to be decorated a few hours before the walimah started.
  • Had zero appetite at this time.
  • Original fabric for akad veil was accidentally turned into the 'lapik dulang' by Mama so used some other fabric available. This was made a few hours before akad.
  • Totally forgot about hand-bouquet until I was going to enter the living room to salam my husband. So used artificial flowers on the table and tied with rubber-band. This was made within 3 minutes.
  • Akad jubah had those silver-sparkling things which fell all over the place, and all over my hands, and husband's hands, but it made me feel that I 'shine'.
  • Couldn't sleep that night because couldn't believe I am finally a wife.
  • Syiqin and Diana helped to sew maroon veil for walimah the next morning.
  • Almost decided to wash face after being make-up(ed) but decided to keep the eyes.
  • Refused to wear false eye-lashes.
  • Didn't feel sleepy at all on the big day because missed husband already.

I guess it was just so.. us to do everything at the 11th hour. But alhamdulillah, all the last-minute preparation didn't affect our day. It was a beautiful day. I desired less attention on me, but I guess that was hard to achieve as I was the bride. It was a bright sunny day, there was no music, the food was super delicious, I got to meet old friends, and I saw so many happy faces. I knew that my parents were tired but I also knew that they were also very happy and relieved. And that, plus, having the most amazing man by my side the whole time, was more than I prayed for. I just couldn't stop smiling. Still can't now..

Thank you. Thank You, Ya Allah. :')

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Us (Part 1)

I used to dream about tonight. The lights are dim, my husband sleeping soundly while I take several minutes in my life to stare at his beautiful face. His eyes, his nose, his mouth are mine to see. And realizing that, knowing that it's not a dream anymore, is indescribable.

Two weeks have passed since Allah swt made me his wife,
and I have never been this happy, this peaceful and this grateful in my whole life. On that blessed night, I was sitting behind the curtain listening anxiously to the akad, I heard my father's voice giving the lafaz akad to my husband and once his soothing voice accepted it and he said my name, tears just refused to stop. I thought I was the only one. But once I came out to salaam my husband, I could see that his eyes were red as well and I knew that the man that I was holding hands with now, will be my everything. Everything. We still ask ourselves everyday, "Is this real? Is this really happening?" And when the effects of each other pinches leave bruises, we just can't stop thanking Allah and each other. Only Allah knows what both of us went through before we achieved this union. And only Allah is the reason why we are both so madly in love now, so calm and just so, very, happy. He used to remind me before we were married that all the sacrifices then will ensure how happy we will be after we become husband and wife, and that became our motivation to put Allah first in everything. So it wasn't easy. But now, now masyaAllah, life is amazing. He's everything that I hoped for and more. Alhamdulillah.

Tomorrow we're heading to a small gateway. Just to a familiar island and a small chalet with a beach that we can walk side by side at. I have so much more to write, but looking at him tucked in so comfortably, my eyes are feeling heavy as well. I'll write again, but in the meanwhile, thank you Papa, Mama, Abangah, Aiman and the rest of my family members who have been my back bone
for all this while, and friends who have been sharing the happiness and sending us your love, and whoever who's reading this who've been praying for our happiness. I'm making a special do'a for you.

May Allah bless you. :)