Thursday, January 5, 2012

Us (Part 1)

I used to dream about tonight. The lights are dim, my husband sleeping soundly while I take several minutes in my life to stare at his beautiful face. His eyes, his nose, his mouth are mine to see. And realizing that, knowing that it's not a dream anymore, is indescribable.

Two weeks have passed since Allah swt made me his wife,
and I have never been this happy, this peaceful and this grateful in my whole life. On that blessed night, I was sitting behind the curtain listening anxiously to the akad, I heard my father's voice giving the lafaz akad to my husband and once his soothing voice accepted it and he said my name, tears just refused to stop. I thought I was the only one. But once I came out to salaam my husband, I could see that his eyes were red as well and I knew that the man that I was holding hands with now, will be my everything. Everything. We still ask ourselves everyday, "Is this real? Is this really happening?" And when the effects of each other pinches leave bruises, we just can't stop thanking Allah and each other. Only Allah knows what both of us went through before we achieved this union. And only Allah is the reason why we are both so madly in love now, so calm and just so, very, happy. He used to remind me before we were married that all the sacrifices then will ensure how happy we will be after we become husband and wife, and that became our motivation to put Allah first in everything. So it wasn't easy. But now, now masyaAllah, life is amazing. He's everything that I hoped for and more. Alhamdulillah.

Tomorrow we're heading to a small gateway. Just to a familiar island and a small chalet with a beach that we can walk side by side at. I have so much more to write, but looking at him tucked in so comfortably, my eyes are feeling heavy as well. I'll write again, but in the meanwhile, thank you Papa, Mama, Abangah, Aiman and the rest of my family members who have been my back bone
for all this while, and friends who have been sharing the happiness and sending us your love, and whoever who's reading this who've been praying for our happiness. I'm making a special do'a for you.

May Allah bless you. :)


  1. teary-eyed reader here :')
    barakallah ya azie.

  2. Tgh tahan nangis ni.. I'm so genuinely happy for u Azie and you know what, I am striving to achieve what you guys have. Thank you for your special doa, I'll keep you in mine too :)

  3. You've got everyone smiling silly with teary eyes Azie!!!

    Alhamdulillah... and Barakallahu laka wa baraka ‘alaik, wa jama’a bainakuma fi khair...

    One more thing, you two do look alike a bit...just like me and mine...and even on the day one lagi ppl kept commenting on that and saying,kalau suami isteri ada iras2, sangat serasi...Alhamdulillah, the doa proved to be accepted. Hope the same applies to you guys...

  4. Zawani: Amin, jazakallah Wani. :)

    Nashrah: Thank you so much Nashrah, you are a genuinely nice person. May Allah bless you and your family. I hope you and your future partner would achieve what you're striving and be the happiest person till Jannah. Amin. :)

    Kak Nor: Alhamdulillah, amin ya Allah. Thank you so much Kak Nor. Although I couldnt meet you that day, I smiled knowing that someone was making a special doa for us on the path of Allah, and that is an even greater gift. People have been saying that lately, and I think it's because of the chubbiness of the cheeks hehe. InsyaAllah, I hope it does and may we be blessed just like you and hubby. Amin.