Monday, February 6, 2012

Dear Someone,

A few months ago, on nights like this, when I felt you were closer to me than usual, because you were on your khuruj, I'd miss you. And at that instant, my eyes would get all teary as missing you hurt, but knowing that missing you was wrong, made it even more painful. Thus, the tears of longing would turn into tears of guilt and you were unwillingly forced to exit my mind, but never my heart.

But tonight, tonight, being away for hardly 24 hours, yet it feels like years have gone by, and again, you feel so close, that I miss you. And this time, I won't hold back. I'm missing you. I'll miss you every single second. And though it still hurts, I'm letting myself miss you. Missing you dearly.

Because I can.

1 comment:

  1. inshaAllah ukhti.. besar pahalanya izinkan suami khuruj.. rasa kerinduan itu menambah rasa cinta padanya,, dan padaNYA jua.. semoga kita tergolong dalam ahliah2 yang dijanjikan syurga.