Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First Time

Right after our outdoor photography session which was done on the night of our walimah, we came back home, finally feeling hungry. After a very brief 'makan beradab' during the day which I managed to steal two mouthfuls, my tummy was finally screaming for food. So was my new husband. So we found some curry mee left on the table, took a bowl of it, laid a cloth on the floor, and ate
. At that moment, sitting side by side, and looking at each other, we realized, this was our first time eating together, just the two of us. I have never tasted any mee curry as delicious as the one we had that night.

The next day, we sent Syiqin and Diana to the bus station, my husband
wasn't familiar with the roads there, so I drove. As soon as I hit the pedal, he made a remark that made us laugh, he said I drove like a race car driver. Syiqin and Diana just said they were used to it. At that instant, we realized it was the first time we were in a car together. And driving my tiny car that night was never more exciting.

Before our honeymoon, my husband wanted to buy a new pair of sa
ndals, you know, the type that would be suitable for the beach, so I brought him to Perangin Mall, and we went to all the shoe stores there but couldn't seem to agree on the same pair. After several more trials, we began to laugh. We realized, it was our first time buying something together. And the pair that we soon finally found and both agreed on, has been the coolest pair of sandals I have ever seen on a person.
A couple of weeks ago, we received special guests, and during these three days, for the first time, I was called 'Ahlia Azwan', and each time I hear or see the name, my heart couldn't help but to beam with proud.
It has been almost three months that Allah swt grant my wish of having him by my side, and each single day has not stopped surprising us with the happiness and the feeling of completeness of having each other. I'm the type of person who makes a note on the calendar for every special thing that happens as I don't want to forget them, so you can just imagine, how full my calendar is now.

But today, on this date, several years ago, for the first time, a little baby boy that was going to grow up to become the most amazing man and bring such pure happiness to so many people, especially to me- his wife, entered the world. And to show my appreciation of this, for the first time, at 12am last night, I brought him a small slice of cake and sang him 'Happy Birthday' with tears in my eyes. Bringing the cake, I felt excited, but as I got near and looking at his face, my singing was becoming horren
dous as I couldn't believe I was there, in front of him, being able to wish him face to face. For the first time, the 'Happy birthday' song was sang while crying. For the first time, we ate an Oreo Cheesecake together. For the first time, I get to celebrate my husband's birthday.

Throughout our lives together, I'm sure there will be so many other 'first times', and each single one will be stamped not only in my calendar but in my heart. I'll never stop thanking Allah for giving him to me, and I'll pray that every other moment, event, experience, journey-- though will not always be the first time, will always, always, be special. Because I know, with him, everything i

Happy Birthday, dear husband. I love you. Always have, and always will.


  1. happy birthday azwan :)

    *nak kawin jugak camnii haha

    ps: tears, azie. tears by just reading. i can almost imagine u with the cake and the singing. i am truly happy for u. and i am sure he is more than blessed to have u too.

  2. Hajar: Thank you for the wish, Hajar. Imagine a very ugly face during crying hehehe. I hope so too, amin. And I pray that Allah grant all the happiness to you too,, amin.

    p/s: that means I doa you kawin cepat haha.

    Shaza: Hi Shaza, thanks for reading :)

  3. Hmm..Ahlia Azwan...sounds nice!!
    Lets pray that someday we'll meet in a special 3 days camp or even better 40 days!!

    Ahlia Suhaimi:)

  4. Kak Nor: InsyaAllah! That would awesome! Have never gone to the 'camp' at Kelantan before. Could meet Adik too. ;)

    Kak Nad: Hehe Kak Nad pun sweet gak :)

  5. ahlia tu apa azie? haha. my arab vocab is very limited. lol

  6. Safwan: It simply means 'wife'. :)

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