Sunday, May 27, 2012

Dear Baby,

I know that for the past few weeks, I've been writing to you in your little green diary, but today I just thought I'd write in here instead just so that one day you could come here and read this post and read other posts if you want. This is my blog, baby. It's where I write about things that I love. And now, you're in it. Because I love you so much already..

You're now 20 weeks, subahanallah how time flies! We're halfway there! I can't believe that I'll have you so soon! I don't think I'm ready although your daddy thinks I'll be a perfect mommy. I just smile when he says that and make a silent prayer that I will be one, not perfect, but I hope good enough to prepare you to be a good and faithful servant to Allah swt. Your daddy has been trying to steal some chat sessions with you, because he says he wants you to recognize his voice too and not just mine. Oh, he's just so excited to meet you, baby! And you'll love him. He's amazing. Just like you will be.

Yesterday, Auntie Syiqin, a very best friend of mine who I think you'll meet very often soon, got married to your daddy's best friend. It was such a beautiful wedding and so many of my friends came. They said I look a bit different and asked the magic question, and when I said "Yes", they were all squealing and smiling and hugging me because they were so happy. Most of them even tried to feel you in my tummy! I know you heard them and even gave them a kick or two to say hello. Guess you're loving the attention already.

Next Tuesday, I'll be having my next scan session to have a peek of how you're doing. It's also actually the time for us to find out whether you're a girl or a boy. Although me and your daddy could almost guess, we're telling the doctor to keep it to herself, because we want you to be a surprise. We just want you to be healthy. So keep on growing ok, baby? 

One day, when you're big enough to read this I hope you know that everyone is so happy that you're coming. So be good in there. May Allah take excellent care of you and keep you and me safe for the next few months. Me and your daddy love you now and we'll surely love you later..

Till next time.



  1. Congratulations!!! Somehow I've been expecting to hear this great news...Surely u r enjoying every minute of it, being pampered by everyone, esp d hubby kan? And Im quite sure u r doing all 'amals expected from an expecting, I just want to remind u to hydrate ur skin regularly using moisturizer containing shea/cocoa butter so that ur skin can handle stretching better (we dont want stretch mark later,do we?)...hehehe, just a small vain advice. Bet u kno it oredi tho...

  2. Kan aku dah kata hehe tahniah

  3. Congratulations azie! you'll be a wonderful mom, I'm sure :)

  4. Anis: Alhamdulillah, thank you Anis!

    Kak Nor: Alhamdulillah, thank you Kak Nor! :) I knowww, I've never felt more special and being cared for hehe. Just got back from 3 days masturat and allll the makciks treated me like a princess. Didnt even let me wash the talam eventhough I was assigned for khidmat! Hehe bless them.
    InsyaAllah, I'm trying my best with my amals. And as for the moisturizer, I've been using olive oil. Hope that's okay. Will find cocoa butter soon as tummy is getting bigger so quickly nowadays. Anyways, thank u for your doas, Kak Nor :)

    Redza: Alhamdulillah, terima kasih! :)

    Nadia: Thank you Nadia! InsyaAllah, please pray that I will. :)

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