Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Gift (Part 1)

Baby 'Aysha is hungryyyyy
She cries to call her ummiiiii
But her eyes are still very sleepyyyy
Milk makes her very happyyyy

I would never have thought that I'd be the kind of mommy who makes on-the-spot random silly songs to her baby.

Ya Allah, I love her. Every single tiny cell of hers.

p/s: will write more soon! :)


  1. Subhanallah...comelnya!! Mabruk to you and hubby and to the grandparents as well!!I've been waiting to see this.'Aisya really suits her.May she grows up to be her namesake....

  2. Alhamdulillah, we are now just 2days away of habis pantang! And yes, amiin to that, we sure hope that as well. Ambil berkat nama saidatina Aishah and so that she would be happy when hearing her name when reading the ta'lim hehe. Thank you Kak Nor :)