Thursday, February 21, 2013

Coolest Grandma

Dear 'Aysha,

She waited anxiously for you when you arrived to the world.
She prepared everything for you when we arrived home.
She'd always kiss you goodbye before going off to school.
She'd steal some time to come home during recess to see if you're okay.
She postponed her transfer to Sabah to accompany Atuk because she wanted to be there for you.
She sleeps on the sofa outside our room every night. Every night. No matter how hard I try to convince her that we're okay.
She wakes up at the slightest sound of your cry.
She would wake up running into our room with swollen eyes. Especially in the middle of the night.
She'd dodoi you with her 'lailaahaillallah.. muhammadurrasulullah..' until you sleep in her embrace.
Sometimes it would take hours. But she'd do it anyway. Knowing that tomorrow morning she'll have to go to school.
She'd stop eating right there and then to pick you up if you were crying.
When milk, diaper and other things seem to not be the reason, she'd be the only one who could make you feel better.
You'd always stop crying when she hugs you.
Sometimes you and her would fall asleep together on the couch. You love her hug that much.
There were times when I had to leave you for awhile, and knowing that you were with her (and only her), I had no worries at all.
When she finally had to leave for Sabah, she tried hard not to cry at the airport. I knew she secretly wanted to pack you up in her suitcase.
She'd call everyday to ask about you. And Tango at least twice per week. She's afraid that you'll forget her and her voice.
She's the no. 1 fan of AirAsia now because of you. Already planning when to come for every month.

Oh 'Aysha, I knew that your Opah would love you. But I didn't know that she'd love you this much! You can't say her name yet. But when you can, I'm going to make sure that you call her up all the time and tell her how much you love her. I don't know what I would do if she wasn't there for me. For two whole months, you became her everything. She could stare at you for hours. Love was all over her face when she did.
So today, on this special day that she was born, I'm writing this here so that you'd know all this and when you grow up, you'd appreciate her and be for her whenever she needs you.

Happy birthday, Mama! You're the best mama anyone could ever have, and now to my daughter, I just know you're going to be the coolest Opah ever.

We love you.

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