Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I do

I never really had a certain specification of whom I ought to marry, in terms of career. But now that I ended up marrying a teacher, again I count my blessings to Allah swt for truly giving me what is best. I love the fact that he goes out early in the morning to share knowledge, I love the fact that he studies and do powerpoint slides at night so that he’d come out prepared, I love the fact that he’d sometimes ask tips from me when he’s dealing with class management issues, I love the fact that he does free tuition classes for his students, I love the fact that he gets lots of holidays, and I love the way he explains to me about what he’ll teach or have taught and I’d wonder if I had him as my Chemistry teacher, maybe I’d do better in school. I just simply love.. him. The teacher in him, the everything in him. 

I know that some people think there is no need to explain or tell the world about how you love your spouse, or anyone for that matter. Don’t write about it, don’t share photos about it, just keep it to yourself. Well, here’s what I think. I think, love should be shared. Love should be spread. Love should be said out loud. Because it’s love. Before I married my husband, I already loved and missed him but I kept it to myself and just prayed and prayed that one day, I wouldn’t have to hide the feelings anymore. I could look at him in the eyes and just say, “I love you.” So now, now that Allah swt has blessed us with this union, that is exactly what I shall do. I will write, share photos and ‘remind’ anyone that’s reading my blog that I really love my husband. Because I can. And because I want to. But above all, because I do.