Saturday, April 13, 2013


Actually, I wanted to write about our previous school holidays and how we enjoyed it so much because my husband is a teacher, so we get to have these time-offs which I love. But I ended up writing the post below.. Haha. So, here’s another post. 

My parents came down from Sabah and we spent the whole week travelling from Melaka to Pahang to Kelantan to Penang and Perak. We met my new cute lil’ niece, Syireen Humairah and everyone was just so happy to meet 'Aysha again. All grown up from when they last met her and just so cheerful now to make everyone happy, especially her Opah. So I’m just gonna let the photos do the talking..

Cousin's wedding
Big Bro's crib.
Finally, got our beriyani and tandoori after 4 months. The waiter was shocked to see us again.. with a baby!
Sooo excited to finally get to meet 30-days old niece.

Aysha ajak Opah pekana Line Clear dulu!
Spent the remaining days at inlaw's

Great stay, delicious food, and the people I have missed so much. Couldn't ask for a better holiday. Now just can't wait for June! ;)

*photos edited with Instatext. Gotta admit they look better on the phone though.


  1. Azie,you are back!!!
    Been missing n wondering about you n the little princess...Alhamdulillah,good to know everything is as rosy as I expected it to be, though it must be tough not to have the ever loving mum n Opah within reach...

  2. Salaam Kak Nor,
    oh you don't know how much I've been thinking of you as well as I'm going through this motherhood stage. :) Alhamdulillah everything's going great and I'm blessed. About her Opah, I guess there must be a hikmah as I think if she grows up having her Opah by her side all the time she's going to be too pampered!