Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Eid 2013

It has been ages, hasn't it? Oh, how I've missed writing in here! How was your Ramadhan? Mine was alhamdulillah a blessing, but it passed in such a breeze! It was my first time fasting while nursing and I didn't really know what to expect, but alhamdulillah Allah made it easy for both me and Aysha. Our Eid was so much more fun too that the lil' chubby one is with us. She has grown to be too attached to me and her babah though, and was anxious whenever other people were around, so it was a bit tough at kampung.  Her Opah, wanted to be with her all the time but she kept crying whenever people wanted to take her away from me! I hope this stage passes away fast so that she'd grin instead of cringe at people and just make people happy again.

I guess I enjoyed too much raya food for the few weeks of Eid, that when we finally arrived at our own home, I had a terrible fever! It was so horrible that I could barely stand up because of the headache, and because my throat just couldn't bare any food, my body grew so weak. Of course, I still had Aysha to care about so instead of lying on the bed all day, I had to perform my work as an ummi. Moms don't get MCs, you know.. Alhamdulillah, this one lucky ummi got one amazing husband who was understanding enough to take over 'ummi business' whenever he could. He knew I needed the energy so he tried his best to get whatever I wanted. He made lontong because I felt like having it and he went all the way to town to get me some Dominos. Bless him. Aysha loves her babah, like she would literally flap her wings, I mean arms, whenever she sees him coming back from work. But there are just some things that only moms know.. And some things that only moms can do.. Or at least Aysha wants me to do. So, I just had to be strong for her. Poor husband tried so hard to help on that night when I just felt too weak that I asked if I could go to sleep first and let Aysha play with him first.
"When she's gotten sleepy and she wants milk, just wake me up, okay? I'll be alright by then, insyaAllah."
And I went to sleep with blankets covered all over me and the fan off. Two hours later, at around 1am,  I woke up realizing that both of them were still not in the room, so I went to the back, and found my husband trying so hard, rocking and massaging her to make her fall asleep. And to my surprise, her eyes were already half-closed! Oh, poor husband for trying to do everything he can to make Aysha sleep without having to disturb me. And poor baby who almost dozed off without milk! These two people must love me a lot..

Alhamdulillah, after a week of on and off fever and losing 4kgs, I'm okay now. I think the 4kgs only went away for a short awhile, now they're back with some new friends too. Anywayss, hope everyone had (or is having) a great Eid. Hope it's not too late to ask for forgiveness from anyone that we might have hurt. From the bottom of our hearts, maaf zahir batin.

Aysha is pulling on my feet now, asking me to take her on my lap so that she could see the screen too. But I know, she just wants to play with the mouse! One mouse is already broken because of her. So I'll continue soon. With stories of Aysha who's growing so fast, insyaAllah. See you soon! (I hope..)

Aysha pleading me to take her so that she could see the laptop too.